written by reader Marin Katusa top 3 stocks to buy now. Which 3 stocks? Thinkolator please (A)

By popehamid, December 14, 2019

Was wondering if the thinkolator or the community could share/decipher this:

December 14th text (mail):
I’m revealing my top 3 stocks during this year’s tax loss fire sale to a small group of investors.
Stock #1 is a premier gold company with a very high-grade deposit…
And in a great jurisdiction. I see one particular gold major taking this company out at a higher valuation (and much higher if the gold price continues to rise).

Stock #2 is a junior gold company that exploded 650% higher in 12 months.
Investors (and me) made big money on that sharp rise.
Since that big win, the stock is down 77%. Compared to its peers, our systems show that the company is severely undervalued.
I’ve been waiting to buy into this company for YEARS and I now have my target price. Don’t let the stock slide fool you, it has an explosive upside. And it’s a risk/reward bet I’m going to put a lot of money into.

Stock #3 is a Monster Oil Company that’s an alligator investors dream.
I’ve wanted to own this stock for a LONG time as its shares are inching towards a once-in-a-decade entry point.
It’s run by the best in the field, pays a top (and safe dividend) and could easily double or triple in a few months on ANY disruptive news in the oil sector.

Your last chance to get my top 3 stocks closes tonight.
And the price of Katusa’s Resource Opportunities jumps by $1,000.

Don’t let another tax loss season slip away.
Position yourself now for the panic rebound that could start in mere days.


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December 15, 2019 1:20 am

#2 looks like northern dynasty. it was down 25% on dec 13th. was a favorite of the pumpers like marin and curzio. no better than a lottery ticket. i’d stick to junior producers.

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December 17, 2019 11:53 pm
Reply to  popehamid

No idea. so many oil stocks beat up this year. Vermilion energy, VET? big company, at a low, pays a huge dividend

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December 21, 2019 9:54 am

I am a lifetime subscriber at Katusa Research since 2015. I paid $ 3.000, – for that. The only fee that I have to pay is $ 100 ,- per year for account prolongation costs (Strange but true).

So I could tell you what stocks he is talking about. Right?.. I could.. but I can’t. You know why that is? Because I didn’t pay the yearly fee. So I can’t login to my account at Katusa Research. And I don’t care either. You know why I do not care? Read further..

Because this clown ( Mr Marin Katusa) has such a bad track record (85% huge losing recommendated stocks) that I stopped following his advice and his poetry emails. Paying $ 100,- per year for account continuation is $ 100.- too expensive. Even if it was zero charge I would not care and log in to find out what jokes Mr Marin Katusa has come up with. If it were real jokes then it might be worth $ 100,- (because every decent person deserves to earn a buck) .but the issue here is that Marin Katusa does not come up with jokes, not even bad jokes. In fact he comes up with “well presented “ very bad jokes that make people lose money.

He makes people lose (!) money. That should be stopped Great losses a experienced following his advice. When Only after I stopped following this dangerous clown I was able to regain some of the losses he caused.

Does Marin Katusa have skills? I guess. He is a great writer and should be writing novels instead of playing the “money maker”. He is no money maker but makes you lose your shirt and pants until you are naked. All advisors on stocks suck. Nu doubt about that. But Marin Katusa made the worst recommendations I have ever seen. Do not follow any of his advice. If you do… then you will remember this warning after you’ve lost money on him. That would be bad. Bad for you

Don’t care about this latest pitch . They must be about tiny stocks that flip up and down for decades. Or go out if business like his favorite “Blackbird Energy “ stock. A company he was promoting like they would conquer and make huge gains. But instead they just vanished / got bankrupt. Al stocks he advises behave like psycho yo-yo.’s. In the end… they fail. No stock or company he ever adviced has gone up solidly. And solid uptrend for longer period of time ( 1 year or more at least ) is what you need as an investor. What you don’t need is yo yo stocks. That’s like riding a rodeo. You’ll be thrown off and get heavily injured sooner then later . What surprised me from the start at Marin Katusa Research is that he does NOT provide any real portfolio insight and track record. I now know why. It is because it would be a horrifying fact sheet. Of course he does not show it.

By the way: his advisory service costs $ 3000,- for lifetime. Anyone interested to have it for free? You can have mine. Please respond / give a response to this post. Then you must pay 100 yearly only to regain access to this clowns advisory website.

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