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By joenw, January 4, 2020

I think what I hate most about subscribing to any Motley Fool newsletters is the bombardment of ads for more newsletters. Today’s ad was for the Blast Off 2020 letters for $1499 or some other version of it for $1999. Whenever I’ve tried other newsletters, I’ve ended up disappointed and really only like 2, Advisor and Options. Has anyone tried any of their Blast Off newsletters? If yes, any comments?

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January 6, 2020 11:31 am

I’m with you on Motley Advisor and Options. I paid for Global that was also of value as it selected companies outside of the US. Half of those were in Canada or South America and already promoted in other news letters. Half were new and of value. I hesitate on letters like blastoff because the overlap should be closer to 100% of other news letters. At least I feel they should be showing me those best stocks already in the letters I get.

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May 15, 2020 12:56 am
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July 8, 2020 3:46 am
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I’m not familiar with Options? I do have Advisor and Rule Breakers. What’s the low down on Options?

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January 6, 2020 12:38 pm

Anyone have any info on Rob Booker and his Monday Morning Payday. Sounds like hype.

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February 13, 2020 9:30 pm
Reply to  hanksterrr

Not sure if this is the place to reply to this, but Travis will decide…

I’ve been researching Rob Booker myself as I was interested in learning to trade hedged currency pairs using ETFs and his “16hours Jump trades” caught my eye. What I’ve discovered can be found on forex boards (valforex babypips etc.) since he has predominantly been a FX trader. Booker in the past has positioned himself as a FX trader & trainer but has more recently moved into option selling (Monday Morning Payday) and of course, the “16hours Jump trades” with Roger Scott.

He can’t be classed as a scammer for the money he makes for his FX training, however doesn’t seem to be that great at it (need to take that with a pinch of salt because a lot of people looking for quick fixes just don’t do the work to be traders). It has been reported that a lot of his strategies are older ones which are considered to be outdated or irrelevant now, however again, whether something works or not for a particular trader can have many variables and how dedicated that person is to becoming a trader.

He has become a CTA so his trading record is public record, however it actually doesn’t make for a great story. He seems to be an average at best trader. A number of his past students have been critical that his personal trading style does not reflect, even ignores, much of what he teaches.

Lately he’s moved into selling subscriptions for services which he couldn’t be really called an expert (ie. options selling). I watched the MMP video and his “i’ll be your best friend” approach was slick especially with handing out money for each trade (as if the profit was already banked from selling the option) but it is patently misleading in two ways.
a. he not once discussed the necessary requirement of a decent-sized account to be able to sell options on stocks.
b. not all option are going to expire worthless, and there is an inherent risk associated with it which often requires a hedge to even changes to the hedge and the profit may be greatly reduced. There are better and cheaper option selling courses/mentors out there than this.

In checking his public FB page, it is full of newbies, and he obviously keeps tight control over what remains published on it. And for a person who purports to become friends with his clients, he is uncontactable via any of this websites (which are half-hearted affairs with key pages not even containing info on them). When I did find an email address that worked, it took almost a week for someone to respond to a request for historical trading info related to the 16hour jump trades and that so far has just been to point me towards another person in his organisation.

The most telling aspect though was that a few people who have previously bought some of his expensive services report that the service they purchased ultimately did not see any decent returns and was ditched by him for new services, and alarmingly a common complaint was that he didn’t deliver the alerts or ongoing updates related to those services, and that the chat rooms were closed. There’s even suggestions that he may not have been paper trading the things he recommended.

So while I wouldn’t call him a scammer for his training, I wouldn’t call him a worthy person to use – there are plenty of real forex / options trainers out there who will teach you much more for far less.

But from what I’ve seen for the subscription services he is touting, I’d say yes he very likely is a scammer because what he was promising isn’t what he is delivering or can even be delivered, and he doesn’t declare the basic requirements of the service. As such I highly doubt that he has any trade history of note for the 16hour Jump trades – I will wait and see what he returns me. Roger Scot’s services seem to have a similar reputation.

Hope that helps. I’d be interested in other people’s views or exper