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by gsantana777 | February 18, 2020 1:39 pm

Received a text ad about Option Navigator, thus found this on YouTube Binary Option Videos.
Thus my comments:
There is the first clue of trouble ”no experience”, that alone is a stay away because as a trader, you still need to understand of what you are doing. The next clue of trouble, ”automated” yet the narrator mentions ebooks to download, that means you have to learn, understand and then do. The next trouble sign ”European” brokerage, if there is a problem, you can not complain to the SEC because the brokerage is in Europe. My experience with Binary Options has been bad because there is no stop control. You either ”bet” on the positive or negative what the end of session will be. It is nothing short of online trading roulette, either Red or Black. Also, there is no paper trade to test your skills. Beginners lose most money not understanding the trade setup and order ticket.
Other trouble with ON, there no real platform show of the software in action. This is all sales pitch with primitive quality slide, another indication that this is all sales, no meaningful information.
You can compare this with my daily YouTube Losers Become Winners that actually show winning and losing trades in a real money account on TOS. Those that know the TOS platform know a real money account is grey field and paper trading is light yellow. With daily videos since September 2019, you can back check everything shown and follow through the on going current positions.
Other problem, who are the legitimate European broker? They recommendations which could be a conflict of interest.
The other trouble, depending on the European day pattern rules. If day trading, need to check the rules to avoid account lockup and/or penalties.
Conclusion: No on this Option Navigator unless you are really good red/black roulette with the added risk of being in the European trade market/platform.
From: Gregory Santana Trading, Losers Become Winners and the Office of Trade System Investigators (OTSI) on Stock Gumshoe.

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