written by reader E.B. Tucker’s (Casey Research) 3 Reco’s for Omega Shares

by bunion132 | February 9, 2020 5:27 pm

In the webinar EXPLOSIVE PROFITS SUMMIT which aired on 2/5/2020, E.B. Tucker encourages investing in the asset known as “Omega Shares” which is different from traditional investments like stocks, bonds, ETFs, Options, etc. (It’s also different from the “Q” shares or DRIPs recently covered by Travis.)
Actuallly, “Omega” is a financial ratio computation but Tucker reveals that “some people call them warrants or certificates”. We’re told that institutions normally sell these assets only to high-wealth investors, who in turn sell these to the open market — all completely off the radar of the media.

E.B. Tucker apparently knows of $6 million worth of warrants available right now for his subscribers. So for the $4,000/yr subscription to his newsletter “Strategic Trader” (discounted to $2K if you responded after watching the video), you’ll get the names of 3 warrants/warrant codes that he deems have explosive potential. Clues were minimal but he describes their niches as follows:
#1 makes charging stations for electronic vehicles.
#2 is a good and dominant e-sports company.
#3 is a biotech company dealing with cholesterol.
Any guesses?

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