written by reader What corporations will profit from CoronaVirus?

by chief243 | February 26, 2020 8:24 pm

I did a search for that last night. I came up with three stocks which should profit from the CoronaVirus scare.
1. CODX: Co-Diagnostics Inc A Utah company trying to develop a test for coronavirus so that before boarding an airplane or ship a person can be declared free from the virus. I liked the write-up so I bot 200 shares at $4.16. I set a sell limit for 100 shares at $8.32. It filled today, so I doubled my money and I still have 100 shares ”for free”. Stock is now at $9.70, close price on 2/26/20, up 133% in one day.
2. MRNA: Moderna This company is working on a coronavirus vaccine. I bot 100 shares before market open at $26. I set a sell limit for 50 @ $52. News today is that they shipped some: 8:28 am ET The Daily Biotech Pulse: Moderna Ships COVID-19 Vaccine For Clinics; At close on 2/26/20 MRNA is at $32.95, up 26% in one day.
3. GILD: Gilead Sciences I bot 50 shares @ $71.49, set sell limit for 25 @ $140. This company is working on a coronavirus vaccine. It closed today, 2/26/20, at $78.05, up 9.17%.
I believe this coronavirus scare is big enough to propel these stocks higher. When passion and fear strike the market, to hell with the fundamentals. But if each of these companies can actually produce what they are trying to do, the sky is the limit.
Jonesy of Jackson Hole

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