Friday File: Panic in the time of Purell

More thoughts on how to invest through the coronavirus panic, along with some buys and sells in the Real Money Portfolio this week

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, March 6, 2020

It’s been an unusually active month in the Real Money Portfolio — a couple big sells, several brand new positions, and quite a bit more churn than I usually have. Those transactions have mostly been fairly small, the largest position that I opened or closed was the sale of my sub-2% Facebook position, but that’s still a total of close to 10% of the portfolio that’s been bought and sold in a few weeks, much more than is typical for me.

The reasons are varied… over the past several weeks I stopped out of two fairly large positions that I have been ready to sell for some time, Fairfax Financial (FFH.TO, FRFHF) and Facebook, had huge gains that I felt I had to take in some derivatives (DocuSign options and Virgin Galactic warrants), and ran into good-looking valuations in several long-time positions that I added to pretty recently, and then I also happened to come across several appealing smaller growth stocks whose prices looked relatively appeali