written by reader Zoom – Buy or Avoid?

By spaceguy, March 23, 2020

Zoom Video Communications (ZM) has had a great run over the past week. Do you feel it’s still at a good value to get in at the current price, or better to put money elsewhere?

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Old Guy
March 23, 2020 5:27 pm

May be a little late to this party. Wait until it goes down after the current Motley Fool flurry created by this recommendation.

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April 8, 2020 10:25 pm
Reply to  Old Guy

Agreed! Got in 4 weeks ago and made money with options. Am sitting out until the dust settles. The technology is here to stay and ZM will deal with current “hacking” issues if true. Looks like the dust is settling. It could be time, but too much chop in the market with ZM for me to jump in now. I also expect another big move down before the all clear is sounded. I don’t care if I miss the bottom:-) My .02 cents

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April 11, 2020 5:15 am
Reply to  jrtrelv

I bought zoom on motley fool recommendation @ around 73$ & sold @ 125 bought in again @ 115$ & got very nervous when I read the security issues & sold my holding @ 121$ . I love the company but I am not sure if it will recover quickly from this security issue & think the shares could take a huge hit bearing in mind it’s huge valuation. What do you think would you invest in Zoom at their present level

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June 13, 2020 9:06 pm

All: See the Comments tab on the Yahoo Finance page for Zoom.

Recent inside selling of $631 MILLION in stock, reported on the 10K.

Zoom and it funders are guilty of Pump & Dump!

June 17, 2020 1:28 pm

I’m also considering selling now at 238, although Motley fully recommends it.., there is 2 factors that makes me consider it:
1- Google is about to launch their tool called Meet, completely incorporated to Google platform, and it’s free.
2- Zoom is from China, with in the tensions among both countries and the lack of trust on Chinese government. If you are a entrepreneur having to work remotely, you always have that on the back of your mind, if some one like Google comes along. I guess you would have to choose your better spy.
I think google wins again.
Is just hard to believe that China with the history of stealing intellectual property, would have any leverage over Google.

If you have an insight I’m missing, please let me know.

September 1, 2020 4:03 pm

ZOOOOOOM! What great opening this morning. They say sell the news, and I usually don’t do it. But this morning since position was in options that jumped to way in the money i sold. A five timer from Aug. I saw the article back in April I think, and bought one Aug call. In May I closed that as a double. Then my Cancer Clinic called and told me my Post Prostate therapy meeting with the staff would be via ZOOM in June. I reentered with a July Call, it tripled. I reentered with Aug Call, in Aug it lost 30%, I immediately reentered with a Jan2020 Call obviously it cost me more, and it ZOOOOMed 429%. I am currently searching for a reentry position. Smaller position for sure. I also have been in Teledoc, and as of today I decided to follow the market into DocuSign after it corrected a bit this morning and am observing for the rest of the correction or a repeat of it. Thank you StockGumshoe for the analysis.

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