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By zippyd, April 4, 2020

I am writing this in part in response to a AMD comment (”AMD is mostly a gaming use”. Disclaimer, I work for Cray (a HPE company), my background is in genetics, but I have been doing HPC computing, clusters, etc. since 1989 and with Cray since 1991.

Look at the Cray/HPE press releases (I am not selling Cray/HPE here), we use Intel, AMD, ARM cpus, and NVIDIA GPUs. Also disk drives and networks (our own and others). For Cray we tend to sell fewer large systems versus many tiny systems and have been doing ”Cloud” (batch and remote computing since at least the 1980’s).
We use Intel, AMD, ARM cpus and NVIDIA GPUs in Super Computing, scientific computing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. They are also used in crypto mining. We have also been using some FPGAs. Like I mentioned previously Cray (now a HPE company) has orders of up to 2023 already announced. However we also sell LARGE amounts of fast filesystems (so think lots of disk drives, SSDs). And the key to this ’new revolution’ is Data/Information which needs to be stored. (So I would think disks for large data and SSD/NVME for speed, and we have hybrid systems).
* Gaming requires fast CPUs, GPUs, memory, storage(disk/SSD/NVME) and networks (fast and low latency) for cloud or multiuser games
* HPC requires fast and large numbers of CPUs, GPUs, storage(disk/SSD/NVME) – we use drives (disks/SSDs/NVME) in so data is striped/written read in parallel across many drives. and networks.
* GPUs and FPGAs are good at many tasks.
The ’fun’ new area of computing is Quantum Computing, it is different but there are some exciting benefits to quantum computing. DWAVE, IBM, Google, IonQ, 1Qbit and about 20 companies doing hardware (Honeywell is a new one). Some amazing applications to this area in the future (and already in use). And I have no idea which of the 20 hardware companies (or the other software type companies) will succeed. The winners normally do not have to do with the ’best technology’ or most ethical/good but from what I have seen is the most shrewd or even dishonest business practices (Microsoft monopoly practices for example back in the 1980s-1990s set computing back years in quality and standards and openness) or VHS versus Betamax tapes, etc. So I am not good at picking the winners. 🙂

My point is: AMD, Intel, ARM and NVIDIA have room to grow. But do not forget to look at disks, or the new computing area of Quantum computing, which there are some cloud offerings

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