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By talktome, April 10, 2020

This Tiny Medical Device Startup Could Mint the Next Generation of Millionaires…
Thank you for joining us in today’s Private Dealroom meeting.

I hope you’re ready to move on this tiny medical device….

Because this is the kind of rare ground-floor opportunity angel investors dream about!

I mean, this company checks all the boxes you want in a startup… and then some.

First, the all-star team. You just heard from the charismatic founder, Dr. Doug… he’s a superstar.

He created a once-in-a-decade breakthrough: The first-ever medical system to build and insert custom-made knee implants.

And he believes it’s the perfect knee replacement – and it could soon revolutionize medicine.

Second, this company is solving a huge problem:

Doctors perform 600,000 knee implant surgeries every year… yet an astounding 200,000 people a year live with pain and regret.

That means millions of people are living uncomfortable lives with outdated knee implant technology.

Dr. Doug’s new technology could eliminate this problem.

Each knee is custom-printed for the person receiving the replacement. And their robotic arms can insert the implant so perfectly, it has less than two human hairs’ width of wiggle room.

And best of all there’s a massive… and I mean massive… total addressable market, or TAM, for this technology.

Right now, the market is worth $19 billion.

But with so many young and old Americans wearing out their knees faster than ever…

Replacement surgery is growing off the charts… expected to hit $26 billion in a few short years.

That means this medical device company has the potential to become a billion-dollar company quicker than any startup we’ve ever seen.

This Startup Could Soon Be Worth $4.8 Billion
That’s unicorn status, folks…

And that’s where things can get really exciting for you.

Because a ground-floor stake could mean wealth beyond your wildest dreams.

Remember the Mobi-C artificial cervical disc device I told you about today?

Angel investors could have made 116 times their money, turning every $1,000 into $116,000.

Or how about Mazor X, the robotic spine surgery device?

Early investors in this startup could have turned every $1,000 investment into $225,000. That’s 225X your money.

And look at the da Vinci, the groundbreaking robotic surgery device from Intuitive Surgical.

An Early Round Investment of $1,000 Could Have Pocketed You as Much as $13 Million.
Unicorn gains like these are rare and extraordinary. And of course, not every private deal turns into a unicorn.

But I believe if everything works out, Dr. Doug’s deal gives you the chance to secure life-changing gains like these.

And remember…

There’s no accreditation requirement.

Typically, you would have to have at least a million dollars in liquid assets to even be considered… much less get your name on the cap table.

But not today…

This Deal Is Open to Everyone
The only thing you have to do is act fast.

Because this opportunity ends at midnight on April 24, only days from now.

Hard Deadline: Midnight on April 24, 2020
**No Exceptions**
If you wait until April 25, it will be too late…

You’ll be locked out and will never get such an early ground-floor chance in this startup again.

You see, this is the company’s first public raise. And friends and family have already taken up a significant chunk of the available funding.

And once this round is filled, the company will never raise another dime at the $21 million valuation you can get in on today.

Dr. Doug has revealed that heavy-hitting VC firms may already be showing an interest. The next round’s valuation could easily reach $100 million, nearly 5X higher than today’s offering.

And that raise may be on the books inside the next 12 months.

Now with such a favorable valuation and the funding round coming to a close on April 24…

We Can Only Give 100 People Access to the Full Details Today.
So, it’s first come, first served.

But you can ensure your spot by taking action now.

Just complete the subscription form below and accept this invitation to become a member of Private Deal Flow.

Once you become a member, I’ll immediately send you a Due Diligence Package for this medical device breakthrough.

It will also include a link to the company’s website, so you have everything you’ll need to help you make your decision for purchasing private shares of Dr. Doug’s company.

The first thing you’ll want to do is watch our Deep Dive Video.

There, you’ll meet the full team: Dr. Doug, his brilliant CEO, the new VP of Engineering, plus all the highly regarded advisory board members.

You’ll also see their technology up front and in person.

You’ll get a full demonstration of how it works from the 3D printing of the titanium implant to the robotic surgery.

Plus, you’ll see how their robotic arms can insert the implant so perfectly, it has less than two human hairs’ width of wiggle room.

You’ll also learn how their unique recurring revenue model could allow the company to scale quickly around the country.

It’s the reason this company has the potential to skyrocket to a valuation of $4.8 billion – a rare unicorn – with just 1% of the 25,500 U.S.-based orthopedic surgeons using it!

It’s an unvarnished take on the company – the pros, the cons… and all the reasons to put your own hard-earned money in this deal.

Next up is the Founder’s Hot Seat.

That’s where the company’s CEO will answer your questions about how he plans to scale the business. He’ll even share his timeline for an IPO.

And any time there’s a major development with the company (explosive valuation growth, VC commitments, acquisitions, billion-dollar deals), we’ll send you an Urgent Deal Update.

We will be constantly checking in with Dr. Doug and his executive team – and giving you the most up-to-date news.

And we’ll be right there to guide you to a potential $4.8 billion exit.

Now as great as Dr. Doug’s deal is, it’s only the beginning.

Because as a new member of Private Deal Flow, we have a very ambitious goal to show you:

How to Build a $25 Million Angel Portfolio Starting Now!
You see, if there’s one rule the greatest angel investors always follow, it’s this:


That’s why we’re not stopping with this medical device startup.

Not by a long shot.

When you come aboard, we’ll recommend at least one new angel deal every month of the year.

Sometimes more…

In fact, I’m on a mission to show you how to build your angel portfolio right from the get-go.

That’s why in addition to Dr. Doug’s deal, I’m going to send you full Due Diligence Packages on three more startups…

Bonus Deal #1: The Fast-Moving Company Headed to IPO: This little startup is already pulling in revenue in a half-trillion-dollar market. Customers include banks, logistic companies, electronics manufacturers, health providers, NBA teams, and more. Plans include an IPO next year, so this could be your final chance to get in on the cap table.
Bonus Deal #2: A $53 Billion Target: I love this ag-tech company. It’s gunning to disrupt the commercial landscaping industry with fully autonomous mowers designed by a brilliant NASA Mars Rover engineer. The company projects deliveries starting NEXT QUARTER. All because of a letter of intent for $36 million between two big landscaping players… who are also investors!
Bonus Deal #3: A Godsend Tech in a $3.4 Trillion Industry: This startup’s genius technology solves a massive problem in a $3.4 trillion industry that’s screaming for workers right now. This combination of robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine vision with 12 patents pending boosts profit margins 300%!
Of course, as a member of Private Deal Flow, every recommended deal comes with:

A Comprehensive Due Diligence Package
Deep Dive Videos
Founder Hot Seats
Urgent Deal Updates
A No-Holds-Barred Deal Breakdown… you’ll get our raw, unedited take on why these deals could make you millions.
And once you join today, you can:

Build Your Deal Flow inside Our VIP Network
It’s a place where you can discuss deals with thousands of like-minded angels.

They’ll share with you the pros and the cons of every deal, their personal experiences, their knowledge. Everything.

And community is only the first advantage of this network. As your status as a savvy angel investor grows, so does your personal deal flow.

Founders and entrepreneurs could start coming to you with angel deals, and you’ll be able to share them with other folks you connect with.

Plus, you’ll also get details on exciting deals that other subscribers bring to you.

In short, it’s a tightly knit community of some of the smartest entrepreneurial minds on the planet.

Membership in Private Deal Flow Is an Experience Like No Other
Let me quickly recap everything you’ll get as soon as you join:

You’ll have immediate access to invest in the first public raise for Dr. Doug’s amazing medical device startup… a unicorn in the making.

You’ll get all three bonus deal recommendations I just mentioned, each of which passes our extensive examination process.

You’ll receive at least one more private deal opportunity every month – sometimes more – with a goal to help seed your angel portfolio to $25 million this year alone.

And you’ll get full access to our VIP Network – where you’ll have the chance to build your deal flow and connect with highly experienced angel investors!

Now, the cost of joining Private Deal Flow is not cheap. In fact, other angel investors may pay $10,000 for a due diligence package like the one you’ll receive for every deal.

But because time is so short, I want to do something truly special for you today.

It’s a chance to join us at an 85% discount.

That means you can subscribe for only $1,450… the founding member rate… and the lowest price we have ever offered.

Do whatever you like with your savings. But if you like what you see, you could be a part of all four deals… essentially on us.

But remember, you have to move fast. Dr. Doug’s deal has a hard close just days from now on April 24.

And Only the First 100 to Respond Today Will Get Full Access to All the Details
These startups are still tiny, true ground-floor opportunities.

The amounts they are raising are small and the valuations open the potential to make a million dollars with ONE deal depending on your initial stake.

And the information we share inside Private Deal Flow, the deep dive analysis, the hot seat sessions, the deal breakdowns, is not available anywhere else.

That’s why there are no refunds available with this offer.

This medical device startup is one of the greatest angel opportunities I’ve ever seen – a chance at a billion-dollar unicorn in record time.

So, we’d prefer to share the details on this rare deal ONLY with those who have a serious interest in taking a deep dive into the world of angel investing.

If that’s you, then let’s get started.

Remember, this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to lock in a ground-floor opportunity in a true rarity… a private medical device startup that has a revolutionary technology.

I believe big VC firms will be involved soon – meaning your initial stake could increase in value quickly.

Then, if this company hits FDA milestones – it’s truly lights out for how much money you could be in for.

A small stake in this one company alone could make you very wealthy EVEN BEFORE it reaches IPO stage.

Medical deals have a long history of being incredibly lucrative, for example…

Life Healthcare rose 30,007% for early angel investors…

UBiome climbed 36,264% for early angel investors…

And Intarcia Therapeutics soared 87,456% for early investors.

I believe Dr. Doug’s startup has that kind of potential… and more.

But you’ve got to act before April 24 to be a part of this.

Remember – they’re closing the doors at midnight – no exceptions.

And remember, you can start taking advantage of these deals with as little as $250.

And every deal has millionaire-making potential.

So, let’s not waste another minute. Hurry and fill out the form below so you can reserve your spot now.

If you delay even a moment, the spots could be all taken.

Once you come aboard, I’ll send you our full Due Diligence Packages on Dr. Doug’s startup as well as the three bonus recommendations that you’ll want to review right away…

I’m so excited for you…

See you on the inside.

Don Yocham
Director of Deal Analysis, Angels & Entrepreneurs

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👍 220
April 11, 2020 2:43 pm
Reply to  talktome

Neil wants $1,450 to join his group. BUT, all the info he gives you is the same info freely available on crowdfunding site seedinvest.com

Boston Lover
Boston Lover
April 21, 2020 4:50 pm
Reply to  peter

Thank you Peter.

👍 60
April 11, 2020 1:13 am

This is another steaming load of excrement from Neil Patel and his cronies… first thing you do when Patel spruiks anything on his Angel and Entrepreneurs site is to check the start up funding sites like Republic, Start Engine , We Funder , and Seed Invest as he gets all his “exclusive” material from there … this one was too easy …. it doesnt even justify Travis priming up the Thinkolater and getting its high energy circuits humming …. its Monogram Orthopaedics and its on Seed Invest ..https://www.seedinvest.com/monogram/series.a
Patel basically scours these sites, takes the idea from there and then dress’s it up and try to sell it to folks as his special research for an exorbitant fee…..
Monogram looks alright but its a crowded space with biggies in it like Stryker Medical etc….USD 1000 min investment …. This is about the 5th time Ive found A&E’s odorous offerings already located on start up funding sites …… I just hope people realise what his game is and dont use their hard earned $$ to pay for his odorous crap.

👍 135
👍 220
April 21, 2020 4:23 pm
Reply to  monty5235

Thanks Monty for sharing this with everyone………

Boston Lover
Boston Lover
April 21, 2020 5:03 pm
Reply to  monty5235

Thank you Monty 5235…Unfortunately, I learned too late and paid the price…your info though confirmed my thinking…for that I am grateful.

👍 60
April 22, 2020 1:29 pm
Reply to  monty5235

Just my 2 cents here….from a very good friend of mine that has been in Orthopedics Industry for over 30+ years.
“The total joint market is a tough place for a startup to plant a flag. The robotic offering they have may be the biggest asset. Stryker currently dominates that space with MAKO. Zimmer/BioMet has launched ROSA and DePuy is not too far behind with VELYS. The knee implant that they are showing is going to be a difficult sell if that’s all they have. Everyone else has a complete soup to nuts offering with everything from a standard primary implant like this but also a uni- compartmental all the way through revision and tumor replacement implants. As far as the cementless implant that is shown here, the competition is all over this and it’s going to be a challenge without some significant clinical history.
Who knows……
They could get bought up by a Medtronic or Smith & Nephew but I personally don’t see it happening. At $4. a share I suppose it wouldn’t be much exposure to pick up a few hundred shares but I would probably lean towards looking for a position in one of the established orthopedic companies now while the market is down.”

👍 100
👍 220
April 21, 2020 7:49 pm

I’m brand new on here. I found these two one I se y’all are talking about on seed invest. This monogram orthopedics caught my eye. It’s 4 bucks a share. The other is commerce.ai at 2 a share. What are yalls thoughts on these? Do y’all think there are much better ones? Or are these even any good to put my money in. Any thought greatly appreciated

April 22, 2020 1:08 pm
Reply to  lancew

First off Much Gratitude to Monty5235-THANK YOU for saving us $$$. I can’t believe that Neil is charging $1450 for what’s already FREE on these crowdfunding sites. It’s simply unacceptable!

Has anyone invested in Monogram or in any other ventures? What has been your experience?