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By backoffice, April 8, 2020

I listened to a sales pitch last night for over 1 hour that was geared to Paul Mampilly’s Banyan Hill suckers and was waiting for the 3 stocks that would pay returns of at least 100x or better ,
what I got at the end was an opportunity to sign up for the service for $10,000 for life. With that you would get at least 1 tip a month at minimum and pay a yearly fee for maintainence. The time frame for these returns could be anywhere from 1 year to 8 or 9 years, He gave some insight into the 3 picks he was talking about but no ticker symbols. They are all micro-caps and 1 had a patent for blood testing without the need of collecting blood without a needle. Did anyone else catch this pitch or have any idea of who it may be? Thanks Travis, he says he’s looking at Micro- caps worth 300 million, have enough capital for 1 year,experienced executives with a track record, gross margins of at least 20%, and a unique service

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March 6, 2021 6:26 pm

A little bit of information on $WWR (100x rec)
Westwater Resources, Inc. (NASDAQ: WWR), a diversified energy materials development company. They primarily explore for graphite and Vanadium deposits.

Westwater may be the first major producer of battery grade graphite in the USA. The USA recently declared graphite a supply critical mineral. What the order means is the President requires certain government agencies to provide guidance in determining which projects are eligible for government support, which can include loans or grants. The agencies are also directed to use available authorities to accelerate the issuance of permits in connection with the expansion the supply chain for specified minerals.

In 2020, China will account for roughly 70% of all graphite produced, while the US only accounts for 1%. The United States Government is mandating this to change.

The market for graphite is growing. Every battery for an electric vehicle, cell phone, tablet, laptop, solar panel, and a plethora of other devices needs graphite. Every pencil and many lubricants use graphite. A diverse number of analysts place the growth of graphite consumption at 6-20% annualized growth rate.

The USA needs a source of domestic graphite, produced in large quantities and produced in an environmentally safe manner. Right now, America imports 100% of the graphite it consumes. The USA is literally at the mercy of its offshore trading partners for supply. China is the largest supplier, currently producing 70% of the world’s graphite. The graphite mined in China uses hydrofluoric in the refining process, creating a dangerous environmental cost. Westwater has filed a patent for their claim on an environmentally safe proprietary process.

The US President has issued an Executive order stating that America’s reliance on foreign sources for the minerals used in batteries a national security threat and advises government agencies to offer miners credit, other financial help, and ease in permitting to develop a domestic supply of graphite and other minerals used in batteries.

Westwater owns the most advanced graphite mine in the USA, located in Coosa County Alabama on 42,000 acres and called the Coosa Graphite Project. A Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) technical report for the Coosa Graphite Project was completed by AGP Mining Consultants Inc. in November 2015 and included an Indicated Resource of 78,488,000 tons, grading 2.39% graphitic carbon (Cg) at a 1% cutoff grade, for a total of 1,876,000 tons contained/in-situ graphite—the largest graphite Indicated Resource in the United States; and Inferred Resources of 79,443,000 tons, grading at 2.56% Cg at a 1% cutoff grade, for a total of 2,034,000 tons contained/in-situ graphite.

Currently, Chinese graphite sells for $500 to $1600 per ton depending on the flake size with the larger flake size going for a premium.

WWR has developed a method of processing graphite into its usable form that does not use hydrofluoric acid and has the potential to eliminate 300,000 tons of carbon emissions annually. The process is proprietary and is patent pending. The company is currently building a processing plant and in conjunction with three other facilities is processing 30 metric tons of graphite utilizing their new technology. This is happening right now!

This one will require patience…

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