written by reader Jeff brown,, early stage trader.

By sucram1, May 23, 2020

Teaser about penny stock IPO’s. Biotech companies that are poised to change the world and make xxx xxx times your investment.
Check out the link and let me know if you think.. Thanks…. https://secure.bonnerandpartners.com/?cid=MKT459805&eid=MKT466778&encryptedSnaid=YpEXyo7%2FZPxOrnSrQ0KGDXqhsVNpU%20rExZ62vM2vj7w%3D&snaid=SAC0017574268&step=start&emailjobid=4653162&emailname=200523-PBD-Paid-BST-Penny-IPO-Ded&assetId=AST136511&page=1

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May 27, 2020 11:35 pm

I have not subscribed to the ipo service but have seen the presentation. Also in healthcare and familiar with FDA processes and finding the trials.

I’ve looked into two of the three teaser companies and come up with:

IPO 1: Kaleido (KLDO, currently $7.81, cap 238M)
IPO 3: Editas (EDIT, currently $27.86, cap 1.5B)

Note: both are pre-clinical meaning they do not currently have a marketable product/drug/med to sell. Both met the “dip” criteria over the past year.

Kaleido: teaser states it’s a company that has/does all of the following…uses the microbiome to treat disease by modifying the microbiome. World-renown clinician Dr. Jeff Gordan is partnered, they are soon to have a phase II trial, focus on cirrhosis, and partner with J&J for peds allergy research.

Dr. Gordon of Washington University is a collaborator. https://www.flagshippioneering.com/press/kaleido-biosciences-and-washington-university-school-of-medicine-to-collaborate-on-exploring-the-influence-of-microbiome-metabolic-therapies-mmt-on-physiology-and-metabolism

Upcoming phase II trials are for their patented MMTs to treat hepatic encephalopathy, a sequela of cirrhosis.

Scroll down on that page to see collaboration with Janssen, a division of J&J researching pediatric atopic (aka allergies) conditions.

Teased approximate share price and cap fits. They’ve also hired MD leadership with expertise in liver disease.

IPO 3 is Editas for a few reasons.

In this presentation, and a few others he’s done for other services, there are slides that appear showing FDA trial data. Trial number can be seen, and in a different video for another service, the actual company was shown. Im sure that was a mistake. But the trial numbers were the same across both.

Crispr (gene editing) is patented and only used by a handful of companies. In this presentation, in the background, one can see LCA-10 in a slide that is a bit blurry. This is Leber Congenital Amarousis (congenital blindness). By searching publicly-available trial data, the only company that comes up as having a phase 1/2, in vivo, ongoing trial for autosomal dominant LCA is Editas.

This is it: https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT03872479

In other slides, current share price is shown and also fits at 20-30, as does it’s current market cap.

In-vivo gene editing, if successful, would be a first-in-class therapy and would garner orphan drug status. Editas also has a few other potential gene targets for other conditions.

When I look at early biotechs, those with orphan drugs and/or first-in-class treatments are the most interesting.

I haven’t researched ipo 2 yet. Teaser info it was pretty vague.

Interested to hear others’ thoughts.

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September 29, 2020 4:02 pm
Reply to  mclovin

Have you researched Gensight Biologics or ProQR Therapeutics?