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By teamgatos, May 22, 2020

I got an email today that got my attention. ’The Destruction of Telecom” was the header. It went on to say this…
…………..The Man Who First Said:
“Buy 5G Stocks” in 2011
Now Warns:
“Do NOT Buy One Single
5G Stock Until You See This”……
Well, the email hit me a little late, I already have stock in eight ”5G” companies. He should have told me sooner.
Then it went on to say..
…….That’s because a much bigger new technology — one I call the “5G Killer” — could soon make 5G technology obsolete. Take a look at this patent and you’ll see what I mean…..
Graphic of patent,
………What you’re looking at is Patent No. 20130271317. One that could put giant service providers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and others out of business…

And, more importantly, make 5G technology obsolete overnight. Bloomberg calls the technology behind this patent, ”Internet-delivered from the heavens” In fact, almost nobody else in the world knows about Apple’s top-secret project yet.

But on June 22, I believe this “5G Killer” will be revealed to the world…
Later on he says.
…….What is “Apple-Fi”?

In short, Apple will soon cut out traditional wireless networks and internet providers…

And beam fast, reliable, unlimited internet through the air… directly to your device……
Numerous charts and examples followed that and then.
As I mentioned, by buying Apple you’ll do very well when “Apple-Fi” is revealed
to the world…

………………..But by buying the tiny companies Apple is partnering with to launch this revolution, you could make a fortune. The “Apple-Fi” Rollout Will Send This
Tiny Company Exploding As mentioned, in the race to deploy “Apple-Fi,” Apple may launch between 1,400 and 3,000 satellites into space.

And for one tiny company based in California, these plans will be a bonanza.

You see, this little $3 billion company is the leading provider of rocket engines in America. This little company’s revenue could explode by a massive $6 billion.

Needless to say, when a tiny company’s revenue shoots up by $6 billion in a matter of weeks or months…

Its share price could easily explode 250%, 500%, 1,000%, or even higher. …….

It goes on…
……This is just one of the several companies I’ve found that could be key partners of Apple.

In fact, another that I’ve identified could explode even higher than this engine producer.

Let me tell you more about this company now…

Even A Tiny Stake In This Next Company Could Turn Into Massive Wealth As
“Apple-Fi” Is Launched Worldwide
At just $500 million and 21 employees, this next company is small — ultra-small.You see, after launching up to 3,000 satellites, Apple will need to allocate billions of dollars annually to maintain this network of satellites.

This includes doing things like swapping out satellites when they break and ensuring service isn’t interrupted, for example.

And this company is uniquely positioned to help them do that.

With years of experience in this field, this little company is a leader in deploying and maintaining an extensive network of satellites.

No other company in the world can do what they do — and I believe they’ll be a key partner in “Apple-Fi”…..
…….On page 2, you’ll find the company that could be responsible for helping Apple transmit Wi-Fi from their satellites in space directly to your device. Since DISH spun this company off in 2009, shares have already soared as high as 200%… but this is only the beginning. I predict this company could become a key partner to Apple in the coming months… and could be rewarded with billions of dollars in extra profits. Even a tiny stake today could hand you a fortune…
Up next, you’ll find the company that was just named as one of the best stocks to buy in 2020 by Yahoo! Finance. And I’m not surprised… they’ve already entered into talks about a partnership with Apple to assist in
“Apple-Fi”. And as “Apple-Fi” is announced to the world and rolled out, this company could be one of the biggest winners… fast movers could reap windfall fortunes…
This next company you’ll find is incredible… founded by a brilliant billionaire, it’s one of the leading space companies in the world. Shares are already up nearly 400% since December… but if you move fast, you can still get in dirt-cheap… before a potential partnership with Apple pushes this stock to the moon…
…..Finally, you’ll also find an off-the-radar space manufacturing company from Colorado. I expect it could lock in a major contract with Apple… that could send shares exploding 10x higher or more when the news is announced.
The time to secure your stake is now…

That is the basic idea. Just editing out the ad copy and pasting these details was enough to give me a headache.
So does anyone know what the companies mentioned are?
I would be really interested in your thoughts.
Thank you.

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