written by reader Buy on the rumor sell on the newd

by rlevine99 | June 10, 2020 9:03 pm

I have been tracking little exrof since it was identified here as a “tesla killer” and i paid 37c per share about a month back. In anticipation of some “upside announcement” by the CEO speaking at a conference today exrof ran from 37c over past few weeks up to
1.22 during todays session. The CEO simply rehashed all the good news that was already priced in and it promptly dropped back down to 71 cents. The thing is, im a sucker for this story and will probably buy more if it hits 50c.
They do have a technology that is patent protected. They are in a sweet spot of the battery and power industries and they are shArk bait for a number of larger rivals to acquire. Has anyone else been following this little heartbreaker?

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