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By cp95682, June 5, 2020

Can you speak to the predications of Jim Rickards and the collapse of America? Also, what are the 5 steps to take now to avoid losing everything?

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Jimmy Rickards
Jimmy Rickards
June 5, 2020 10:11 pm

Rickards is still out there hawking reports? I thought even the NWO crowd won’t return his calls. Surely he has the same failed predictions he’s had for years. “dollar collapse” ‘currency reset’ SDR’s ‘big drop in equities’. just look at his book titles. they are all failures.

November 18, 2020 3:25 am

His 5 steps to confront the oncoming great depression are: 1) stock up on essentials; 2) buy crash contracts (I’m guessing invere etf’s like BNKD) 3) rid portfolio of ticking time bombs (I’d guess it would be wise to dump co’s with high % of debt / total co assets) 4) Stocks to buy now — he says “physical gold and implies silver, gold mining probably favors SAND , a low priced gold royalty company; 5) Protect Againt Complete Breakdown (fortify your home; be prepared for riots)

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Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
November 18, 2020 9:19 am