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By sribol, June 10, 2020

Happened to see the presentation ”One Trade” from Michael Carr on BanyanHill. You can see this at: https://banyanhill.com/one-trade/

Summary: Mr. Carr is going to share one-trade a month that is going to guarantee to go 2X. The cost of annual membership is $1500.

My read: Few examples shows doubling within a few-days, but it could be longer than that. The biggest concern I had was on the order page that says ”if you are not going to double your investment within a year, you will get another year for FREE”. For a newsletter that boasts 100% return for each and every recommendation (making it close to 48 opportunities in a year), it is weird to see the above. May be it is just part of their ”legalese” stuff.

If you have any experience with this newsletter or with Mr. Carr’s recommendations, please share. Thanks.


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Gerald Galanowsky
Gerald Galanowsky
June 23, 2020 4:26 pm

Notice Once your card is charged your money is gone……and if One Trade doesn’t perform as advertised …they will give you one more year of punishment ……..Big Deal!

June 27, 2020 3:30 am

So I looked at this promo too. I called Banyan and spoke to someone about how this program was called something else when it was rolled out over a year ago. They offered it to ppl who paid $15-$25K FOR EVERYTHING INCLUDING THE KITCHEN SINK. I am not one of those but I did get one person to share with me some of the monthly returns in 2019 (about 3 months worth) and he got annoyed with me asking questions and wanting some info before plunking down $1,500.

Also, another person shared (on another call I made) more recent monthly numbers in the last few months. As the pitch states, the numbers were not great in the first year but the last 6 months have been much better. I like knowing about how bad the losers are and there was one month that each weekly trade was a bust. Down about 170% in that one month in 2019. However, according to phone rep, (is that the truth being shared???), there was a 300% gain the following month. This is why the “no more then 10% on any trade” comments were made in pitch. I cannot stand that they shared all the gains that were huge in the Beta Test period but they NEVER ONCE gave any specific details on the bad trades. Now you know why. Having said all of that, I like the analytical style and less fluff style of Carr in comparison to everyone else who is pitching something else.

Let me know if you go for the program please and some weeks they do have two trades but pretty much did confirm that at least one trade was occurring each week on the 4 months I was able to at least ask about.

FYI, if you ask for a 30 day or 60 day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE so you can at least look at the numbers, they will offer that to you. You just have to ask. Also , I noticed the price was $1,495 in the pitch but the order form showed $1,950 and I was told (sold) that this was because the price will be going up and the presentation wasn’t updated yet so he couldn’t guarantee when the price increase was going into effect but he said he would offer the 60 day money back guarantee regardless.

Hope this info helps…… keep in touch if you do go for it.