written by reader The ‘Next big thing’ 5-10 year time range (3d Printing and biofabrication)

By zippyd, June 5, 2020

So currently we are working on the short term 5G, sell-driving vehicles, AI/DL/ML, and electric vehicles.I have strong interest in Blockchain, financial privacy (I am tired of being taxed 5 times for every dollar and for even investments in Crypto). But also it provides a OpenBanking, OpenTrading. Crypto is not just ’coins’ the Blockchain is for SmartContracts – digitized assets from Realestate, Gold, stocks, etc. (Not SLOW like banks and stock market and _returning your assets, and deals better way to bind all various parties in Realestate.

FYI: I do own CRSP and SSYS, DDD.
My background is in Genetics/pre-med, but I have been doing HPC since 1991. (And robotics, 3D printing hobbyist).

Anyway the next thing perhaps 5-10 years IMHO is : Biofabrication
* A few supportive technologies are: 3D printing, CRSP (CRISPR THERAPEUTICS)

– Artificial ears, nose, skin that can be grown in the lab
– Eventually organs
– Medicines
– Thread – cotton, rayon, silk – via bacteria
– Fungi, bacteria
– artificial leather
Construction materials:
– Replacement for cement blocks
– artificial meats – meaning meats grown via bacteria
– Artificially grown vegetables
– Bioplastics
Why is this useful:
* The amount of resources required to grow any of these materials
* The time required to grow these materials
* Land/space required
Materials can be grown in a:
* warehouse, open warehouse
* Materials can be produce near where they are processed/manufactured and used
* The growth rate of the materials are much faster.

There will be ’regulation’ of food and medical especially.
(You can find companies through ’job searches’ for biofabrication
* These are sometimes or often associated with 3D printing of materials
A few companies seem are (many seem to be private):
others; Algix, Modern Meadow, bioMASON, Cellink, Ecovative
Organovo, Prellis Biologics, Pili Biotechnology. EnvisionTEC, UpNano,
3D Bioprinting Solutions, Bioink Solution, Inc., CollPlant Ltd., GenScript,
ROKIT Healthcare, SunP International Inc., T&R Biofab Co. Ltd., OpenBiome,
United Therapeutics Corporation,
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1Q2oLxEOF8. – co-founder of Organovo and Modern Meadow

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