Friday File: Bright Screens, Streaming Wars and Palantir Profits

A vacation sendoff that includes a new buy, some thoughts on screens and streaming, and a couple sells in the Real Money Portfolio.

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, July 17, 2020

Vacation time! This is your last Friday File of July, I’ll be off for two weeks to spend time with my family, and Stock Gumshoe will mostly be in hibernation during that time.

Yes, that’s the same family I’ve been holed up with 24 hours a day for the past four months… but for the next fourteen days, we’re going to do our social distancing by the beach and try to unplug and recharge a little bit, mixing up metaphors — and hopefully also mixing up some lovely cocktails at sunset.

I may chime in with a brief note if anything dramatic happens and I end up adjusting my Real Money Portfolio (we are just beginning earnings season for this quarter, after all, and the Silly Season of the presidential campaign is right around the corner), but otherwise it will be tumbleweeds and whistling here at Stock Gumshoe HQ for a little while. We may re-post some of our “greatest hits” stories since many of those ads continue to circulate and questions still pour in, but I’ll spare you the emails for a while… and, of course, feel free to continue to discuss things without me, just please try to be nice.


Volatility giveth, and volatility taketh away… the same crazy-valuation stocks (SHOP, FSLY, TTD, DOCU, SE, etc.) that surged 10-20% last week gave it all back this week, with Fastly (FSLY) leading the way with a 17% drop since I last wrote to you. None of those momentum-driven names have hit even my tightened-up stop loss levels, so I haven’t done anything, but I will keep half an eye on them, even from vacation.

And as I head off for a break, I’m adding yet another small position to the Real Money Portfolio: Today I bought shares of Universal Display (OLED), the organic light emitting diode company I wrote about for a Matt McCall teaser pitch ten days ago, and which has been persistently teased by the Motley Fool for several years.

Why now? Well, OLED has always had a fantastic business model — they have no debt, they have a nice cash cushion, and the margins are gigantic as they sell both proprietary chemicals for OLED screens and licenses for the use of their different OLED technologies, primarily in smartphone and TV screens (the revenue is usually about 2/3 materials sales, 1/3 ...

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