written by reader Does anyone know what Dave Fessler’s Major Announcement is all about? Clicking on the URL, the headline reads: URGENT $12.4 TRILLION BRIEFING

by rjc959 | July 5, 2020 1:39 pm

Got an email teaser that included the following:
It details a phenomenon that’s quietly working its way across America…
Appearing in Sacramento, Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Austin, Nashville, Minneapolis and Chicago.
Soon, it will be everywhere… and mint a staggering number of millionaires.
Forbes calls it ”the Holy Grail.”
The Washington Post describes it as ”the Mother of Invention.”
And CNET compares its explosive impact to ”the introduction of electricity or the automobile.”

Source URL: https://www.stockgumshoe.com/2020/07/microblog-does-anyone-know-what-dave-fesslers-major-announcement-is-all-about-clicking-on-the-url-the-headline-reads-urgent-12-4-trillion-briefing/

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