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By ElonRusk, September 28, 2020

The Team at MF are teasing a Coronavirus stock with 30x growth potential, does anyone have a clue which company they are talking about?
✔ Massive opportunity: Governments have already shelled out billions to help drugmakers begin research on these vaccines. How much more will they (and insurers, and consumers) pay to get the vaccines?
✔ Short time window: Many experts are predicting vaccine candidates to begin coming available late this year or early 2021. And President Trump, fighting for re-election, has claimed that a vaccine could be available as early as “mid-October .” That gives us a narrow window before all the sales are fully baked in.
✔ Huge uncertainty: There are over 140 vaccine candidates in development right now. How do you pick which one will win?
The short answer, in my opinion?
You don’t.
This may sound counterintuitive, but let me explain…
You see, when people think about investing in drugs, they tend to focus on drugmakers.
Pfizer. Johnson & Johnson. Merck.
Which are fine if you’re looking for massive pharma blue-chips that can maybe grow their bloated organizations by a few percent a year. (Kiss real “growth” investing good-bye!)
Or maybe they invest in smaller companies like Momenta and Novavax.
Which, if they succeed, could mint a fortune…
And if they lose, could be in for a world of pain.
I mean, Momenta has lost over $100 million so far just this year.
How long do you think they can keep that up?
Especially if their vaccine candidate fails? (And please note – only 1 in 1,000 drugs that get developed ever finally make it to market.)

But there’s another way.

I’ve recently uncovered a small (sub-$3 billion market cap) company that I believe can drive incredible returns by winning alongside a variety of vaccine makers…

And whose business opportunities span far out beyond healthcare…into chemicals, agriculture, data storage, and so much more.

In fact, while this company generated $71.2 million in the last year…

They estimate that their current total addressable market is $2.3 billion.

(That’s a 30X growth opportunity, for those keeping score at home.)

PLUS they have a variety of additional markets they’re working to expand in that could provide untold billions more.

And, really, that’s the key to finding great stocks in “Genesis Trends”, right?

Companies that can benefit from the immediate disruption…

And lock those gains into enormous long-term profits.

I’ve included our fully-vetted research on this unique “coronavirus stock” (as well as three other early vaccine leaders) in a report, titled The 2020 Coronavirus Sprint – yours when you join Extreme Opportunities: Trend-Spotter today.

BLAH BLAH BLAH—–Give me more money!

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