written by reader David Fessler’s Flash Profits – What a Joke!

By navyvet, September 3, 2020

David Fessler of the Oxford Club has an ad that boasts of making huge gains in weeks instead of years. He calls it “Investing in Contracts”. Contracts aka as options trading. This costs just short of $2000 for a subscription, which is quoted as having NO REFUNDS. And it’s no wonder.

I am new to investing, so I was a prime target for Fessler; green as grass, unfamiliar with some terms and gullible enough to believe the hype. How I was convinced was because the ad promoted his “TRAINING VIDEO” that would make you an expert in “Contracts”. What a joke! The training turned out to be a series of 5 very short videos that were the farthest thing from “training” as you could get. The material was minimal at best, leaving out very important basic information. It was only after researching it through other means that you discover you had to be an idiot to believe the crap he was promoting. Being told by 3 other sources that, contract aka options trading, is EXTREMELY COMPLICATED did I realize I fell for a con man’s scam and realized why he said “NO REFUNDS”. Needless to say I was super pissed. The videos and the ad touted how you’d be trading like an expert after watching the videos. That was a bold face LIE. I’ve been a webmaster for over 25 years. If I created a training video with as little information as he did, the student wouldn’t even know how to turn the computer on let alone create a web page.

I hate having to learn I made a mistake by getting screwed by con men but I guess it’s the price you have to pay sometimes. I’m passing on this information so others don’t have to follow suite. All I can say at this point is this….”Live and learn but what a prick!”

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