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By ronwill, September 30, 2020

3 teaser stocks for emerging markets:
Beginning now, the Next China Growth Portfolio will be a permanent addition to True Wealth Opportunities: China.

So I’m launching this new portfolio with three of the most absurdly lucrative opportunities I’ve ever seen in 25 years of covering Asia.

The first is the “Tencent” of Asia’s wealthiest emerging market – but it’s less than one-tenth the size of the Chinese internet and gaming behemoth. This is exactly the kind of situation I’ve been telling you about, where the biggest gains are still ahead… and I expect it to follow a similar trajectory to Tencent (up 4,900% all-time).
This company owns one of the most popular gaming franchises in Asia – a title with the same cachet as Star Wars or Marvel comics in the U.S. Its annual revenue has grown nearly 900% since 2015. Now it’s getting a massive boost from the surge in online gaming due to COVID. And it’s dirt-cheap today. It trades for around 2x its annual sales – five times cheaper than Tencent.
I predict this stock could rise 1,200% over the next five years, if you get in today.
The second opportunity is a bank in a country where more than 300 million people have opened bank accounts in the past few years. Keep in mind, banks have been some of the most lucrative investments in past emerging market rallies. This one shot up more than 1,000% in BRIC madness of the early 2000s… and almost 400% in the two-year rally beginning in 2009.
But now there’s a much bigger opportunity, that almost no one knows about. It involves $1.5 trillion of gold – much of it hidden in safes and mattresses. Now, for the first time, citizens can deposit the gold – store it safely – and earn interest. And with gold prices surging, many more will be looking to sell and deposit their newfound cash. Either way, this bank will be the clear winner. I expect it could triple, or more, in the next few years.
Finally, I’d like to show you the biggest opportunity in mobile phones anywhere in the world – by far. It’s the dominant mobile provider in a country where hundreds of millions of people are getting smartphones for the first time – just like the U.S. or China 15 years ago. This company has been profitable for years and reliably grown by 8%-10%. But now it’s about to kick into high gear. See, it’s spent a fortune on 5G infrastructure – which is now coming online.
That’s going to add to the surge in mobile demand – at much higher prices.
Oh, and this company pays a 4% dividend as well.
This company has more than twice the market share of Verizon in the U.S. – in a similar sized country. Yet it’s 10x smaller! That won’t last. I expect shares could soar by 500% or more within a few years.
By the way, all three of these stocks trade in the U.S., with ticker symbols you can plug in and buy from any normal brokerage account.


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September 30, 2020 7:28 pm

I posted that same question yesterday or Tuesday. They had the initial pitch came out a week ago and the polished pitch by Brian Tycangco a supposed specialist in China markets and Asian markets. It definitely caught my interest. I’ve been really researching the telecom pitch and others. I’ll