written by reader What is Manward Press talking about the death of cash coming as soon as September 16, 2020?

By backoffice, September 9, 2020

He’s talking about cash becoming basically worthless as the monetary system is changed to electronic payments only. The ad states that cash will no longer be an accepted form of payment for anything.He gives examples of people trying to withdraw sums of $1,000 and being given a hard time and asked what purpose the money will be used for and if they determine you ay not be telling the truth there is a form they can fill out and send to the government and cause all kinds of problems. I know of the requirement on withdrawals of $10,000 but $1,000. Travis is this at all possible or have you heard of rumors to this possibly happening? He claims that the people currently controlling the ability to do this as holdovers from the Obama administration, and Trump has no power to stop it. What do you think?

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September 17, 2020 1:38 pm

“The Death of Cash”, while serving up a scare message to get subscribers, may seem far fetched (and probably is in many of its particulars), there is some collateral evidence that some aspects warrant attention. First, most of us have noted unusual investment behavior on the part of none other
than Warren Buffet — buying gold, Apple (with its cash payment system). Secondly, some moves against cash mentioned re. other countries are factual. Plus, the debasement of the dollar is a reality no one
can argue with. Finally, the main problem with BitCoin is its cumbersome data mining process, making it too complex to store and then use for everyday small purchases; when that issue is overcome (and there is every reason to believe it will be), “electronic cash” will surely be here to stay and replace paper currency.
As to “Big Brother banks” snooping on cash withdrawals/deposits, I have heard of no scary experiences among law-abiding friends and acquaintances, Whether or not Manfred’s newsletter is worth over $100 I have no idea, because I am not taking the bait, but I am not entirely dismissive of the thesis, and
believe the publication may be worth looking into on Gumshoe if there is any way of doing it.

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