written by reader Don’t Mistakenly Throw This Device Away When It Shows Up in Your Mailbox at Home

by DT | October 1, 2020 3:22 pm

What can this be that will be mailed to me without requesting it?
The tiny device you see here is just four millimeters thick and about the size of a pencil eraser.

It’s one of the most powerful devices ever created. It promises to make your life easier, faster, and much more secure than ever before. It won’t cost you a penny to get it.

And it could, in fact, help turbocharge the entire U.S. economy in a way never done before.

Right now, 885 million of these new “self-powered computers” are projected to be in the hands of Americans in the next few months.

Making this perhaps the biggest, most beneficial technology rollout in history!

And that makes the financial impact staggering… a potential $157 billion windfall within a year.

One that could easily spark a revenue surge of 1,768% in the next 12 months for the one firm that owns the most patents on it.

In fact, we believe that its CEO could make a critical announcement regarding its deployment by October 28, if not earlier.

That’s why I recommend you get the time-sensitive details right away.

The mainstream media has pretty much ignored this whole rollout. (They usually do.) But it’s critical. It’s urgent. And trust me: You don’t want to miss this one. A technology rollout of this magnitude might not happen for another decade. If that.

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