What is Stock Gumshoe, and Who Are These Authors?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, October 22, 2020

This is a general explanation of the world of Stock Gumshoe, I update it every few years. ┬áNo big news here, but we have new folks coming through the door every day… so, FYI:

Stock Gumshoe’s primary reason for existence is to help investors think for themselves, and to avoid swallowing the hyperbole-laden investment ideas that are touted and teased by the investment newsletters and other pundits. That’s not because the ideas are bad — sometimes they are, sometimes they aren’t, in my judgement — but because the influence of marketing and group-think short-circuits our ability to think critically about almost anything, and that goes double for investments and money.

So although we offer something a bit extra to our paid members — a bit more of my opinion, and my more thoughtful and more fully researched writeups of stocks that I own or am considering, a few other tidbits here and there and, in the case of other authors or columnists we might feature from time to time, some outside perspective — I am a strong believer in individual research, in open discussion and debate about stocks and valuations, and in the importance of critical thinking for investors.

Our paid membership, the folks who I call the Stock Gumshoe Irregulars, was started not because we have something brilliant or secret to sell to you — but because, soon after I started writing these teaser solutions and sharing them with people, readers started sending us money. I didn’