written by reader Cambridge Massachussets small cap biotech company called EDITAS. Drug : AGN-151587 FDA fast track ref EDIT-101 : cure genetic blindness LCA10 using Crispr Genome editing tech

By khswales, November 28, 2020

Hi. I listened to one of the very long-winded teaser videos regarding a revolutionary drug post Phase 1 of clinical trial with success in curing Genetic LCA10 using an in-vivo drug injected into the eye. The biotech company got to the point in FDA approval of being granted fast tracking and had to mandatorily report its findings – it was due to report around 18th Nov 2020. The video had clues that all pointed to Editas being the company and EDIT-101 being the FDA reference. These are the clues :
1. The best clue was when the speaker , in a room with the 5 founders of the biotech company, showed a projection slide for a few seconds. I was watching on my iPhone, did a screen dump and zoomed in. It clearly showed EDIT-101 which I then googled and found EDITAS
2. The speaker mentioned the 5 founders, all with impressive degrees including the CEO, one Dr Ben Yerxa : both facts borne out on the EDITAS webpage
3. The speaker said it was a Cambridge, Massachusettes company : as borne out on the EDITAS webpage
Convinced that my investigations pointed to it being EDITAS the speaker was talking about, I immediately invested in their stock which is currently in profit, but only by 3%. The rights to EDITAS’ discoveries was jointly shared with Allergan who were bought out by Abbvie Inc (ABBV). In August 2020, EDITAS bought back the rights held by Allergan so now EDITAS own all rights – and profits – 100%.
Of course EDITAS has other drugs in the approval process but EDIT-101 cure for certain types of blindness with clinical trial success since trials commenced earlier this year, was described by the speaker as a breakthrough and gamechanger. Did anyone else happen to listen to the same video as I ? It was attached to an email of w/c 16th Nov 2020 but I can’t find the email now. Did anyone else watch this video and arrive at the same conclusions as me ?

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