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By wrazzle, December 14, 2020

Hi All, newby here, only been “tinkering” in the stock market for about 6 months with a small amount of investment, initially into pot stocks because of the legalization thing, but got sucked into Ian King’s Automatic Fortunes newsletter, and now have some shares from that portfolio. I think I’m doing okay with my pot stocks portfolio up from a start of $5000 to $7595, and my general portfolio up from $7500 to $13323 at time of writing, but maybe someone could let me know if that does indeed seem reasonable.

I’m really writing because of my main interest and area of research which is the new golden age for humanity and the impending upgrade to planet earth (I know I’ve just lost half my audience but…..). If you had an insight into what the not too distant future holds, wouldn’t you want to take advantage of it? I will not get into how and why I became interested in that line of research, but I’d be happy to engage if anybody wants to. I would like to suggest that any forward portfolio planning should include the knowledge that
a) Donald Trump will be having a second term in office
b) nesara/gesara (or something along those lines) will happen, and in some cases already happening – think debt forgiveness that some have already had
c) a quantum financial system is currently being introduced
d) long hidden alien technology will be made available to everyone and will affect among others the power, transport and medical industries
e) social media will change dramatically
f) main stream media will also change dramatically
g) the medical industry will also change beyond current recognition.

To me all this means that the emphasis on what gets traded, changes direction. No longer will you want coal, oil or gas when you can generate electricity virtually from fresh air (as per Tesla, who’s technology has been stolen and hidden for years). The transport industry will change through the same tech, not sure how long that bit will take but think hover cars (and what the availability of that will do to the infrastructure). There will be no need for big pharma (designed to treat symptoms rather than cure illness) when resonance and frequency technology cures all (med beds), and holistic medicine takes care of the small stuff (anyone ever wonder why holistic practitioners have been laughed out of town when it really does work?).
Anyone with facebook, twitter, google, youtube, instagram etc. shares among others who are currently censoring users might want to consider their positions, as I believe a lot of them will be shall we say “revamped”. The same will be true for any main stream media companies (90% of main stream media is currently owned by 6 companies). I have no idea how redirection of these companies will impact the stock market, I just know it will happen.
Finally the medical industry, and it’s only since starting to type this that I’ve thought much beyond the introduction of med beds (you can search them on the internet) when you will no longer need any of the tools and equipment for invasive surgery etc. or indeed the diagnostic equipment used in medical practices. Again I have no idea how long any of this will take to roll out, but I do know that med beds are currently in production (so far I have had no luck trying to find who is making them because I would certainly buy their shares if they were floated).

Anyway – that’s me introduced on here other than to say I have reached my lifelong ambition of being old, wise and somewhat eccentric (that doesn’t mean stupid btw), and I have fun in life playing with what I enjoy doing which does include dabbling in the stock market.

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