written by reader Strikeforce Technologies-Testing Travis’s patience one microcap at a time!

By rlevine99, December 14, 2020

As the Gumshoe is my favorite Investment site i am apprehensive about doing anything counterproductive here so sharing micro stock ideas feels sketchy as
Travis’s multii-dimensional analysis of many of the stocks that we are fascinated with couldn’t be further from the pathetic pump and dump efforts on many sites. With valuations out of whack and technology allowing each of us access within seconds to learn about stocks that are breaking out it becomes very difficult to find either value or undiscovered gems. In this past year i have planted my flag firmly in a number of micro-caps that have rewarded me with exceptional returns including Exrof and Loop Insights in mArch which clock in around 1000% depending on the day of the week lol. Last week i put VSBGF front and center and was rewarded as Travis dropped some serious knowledge about this micro and its potential in general as well as specifically as a covid play.
Last thursday night i stumbled onto a micro-cap that i havent seen on here but not positive. SFOR -strikeforce Technologies-. I put in a small order at 4 cents and was rewarded with a 230% one day gain as it ended the day at 15cents. Needless to say that got my attention!