written by reader The Third Rail of Investing-Playing Crypto/Blockchain/BItcoin through wall st

By rlevine99, December 16, 2020

I claim no particular area of expertise. I am however, an investor that spent the year dividing my time and money between the markets and the crypto exchanges and I am a contributor to one of the largest crypto groups on Facebook. For any of you that are convinced that crypto is Monopoly money or that the Blockchain isnโ€™t that important, move right along, nothing to see here, try the veal next time. What is ironic is that my crypto cronies are as dismissive about wall st as some of you may be about crypto. Straddling this fence this year has provided me some insight as I have embraced both asset classes.
A particularly frustrating part of crypto is that BTC lords over all coins and defi plays to the extent that everything crypto moves as one. If BTC is down, the top20 coins are down as well. Wall st has been around long enough to where stocks maintain enough independence to trade with less dependency on each other. On the flip side, it has been relatively easy to identify Cryptocurrency Winners and most of those have doubled or tripled the gains of BTC.
Here is the good news for you market lovers. You can absolutely leverage the success of crypto without ever leaving the comfort of the markets. And so
Far it seems that there are some leading indicators that BTC seems to reveal that will allow You to take your market positions With a few days of lag from BTC. So the key is to make the effort to be in both worlds so that you are capable of gleaning the insights that are provided by speaking both languages.
If you are currently involved in crypto I would love to hear your stories, and if you are not I would be happy to answer whatever questions I am capable of. Of course, as always, Input from Travis would be most important and beneficial to the group.

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December 17, 2020 3:29 pm

I have still not take plunge into Crypto, though I have a lot of belief that it will be a big disrupter, when the Central banks around the world make way for it. I had advised my friend to by Bitcoin in 2017. He did it on my advice, It went up and I started feeling happy about my guidance. But it came down and I felt sorry for misguiding a friend. Now it is up again and I feel happy again. However I don’t have the knowledge of all the different cryptos out there and what differentiates one from the other and how all of them can coexist. I would appreciate any recommended readings or tutorials on this. I really want to learn it more.

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December 24, 2020 6:31 am

Disclaimer. This is only my opinion and I could be, have been and will be wrong in the future. Just MHO of how cryptos fit in so well, to what TPTB have planned for the future.

Hi, The blockchain is certainly useful and there is certainly much promise to it. It achieves a primary goal for our overlords. Tracking transactions for everyone and everything. This is extremely important to them. It will most certainly be embraced by them and they are giddy that the plebs embrace it as well.

As far as a currency, which will challenge their ability to create currency? We will see about that. Bitcoin is the first and one of many cryptocurrencies that are swirling around ATM. It has been created and exist at the pleasure of said overlords. There is only one bitcoin, but a UNLIMITED number of potential cryptos that could exist. The big one being when they decide to stop the music and introduce FEDCOIN, or WORLDCOIN, or FREEDOM COIN, or any other creepy name for something that means the exact opposite of what it intends.

When that happens, well that’s it then. They will simply ban it, hack it, confiscate it, or whatever they have planned. Its all on the ledger. Right there. All the transactions, the owners, the exchanges, the codes of the USB cold storage wallets. Everything they need. Notice how they work HARD to suppress gold and silver, cryptos, not so much. Wonder why????

Sometimes things are simple for a reason. I think most advances in tech have been building up to this one apex moment, when they can truly control everything and everyone. Reminds me of a story I read in a well known book, last chapter. Something about a mark of the ……. Nah couldn’t be that….

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January 13, 2021 9:33 am

I am new to all of this. I did watch the video you recommended. Great starting point. What exchange is best? You mentioned a fb group, can you share that here? I would like to get started so any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you for your help.

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