written by reader The Third Rail of Investing-Playing Crypto/Blockchain/BItcoin through wall st

By rlevine99, December 16, 2020

I claim no particular area of expertise. I am however, an investor that spent the year dividing my time and money between the markets and the crypto exchanges and I am a contributor to one of the largest crypto groups on Facebook. For any of you that are convinced that crypto is Monopoly money or that the Blockchain isn’t that important, move right along, nothing to see here, try the veal next time. What is ironic is that my crypto cronies are as dismissive about wall st as some of you may be about crypto. Straddling this fence this year has provided me some insight as I have embraced both asset classes.
A particularly frustrating part of crypto is that BTC lords over all coins and defi plays to the extent that everything crypto moves as one. If BTC is down, the top20 coins are down as well. Wall st has been around long enough to where stocks maintain enough independence to trade with less dependency on each other. On the flip side, it has been relatively easy to identify Cryptocurrency Winners and most of those have doubled or tripled the gains of BTC.
Here is the good news for you market lovers. You can absolutely leverage the success of crypto without ever