written by reader Travis -Oh great cynical leader

By rlevine99, December 2, 2020

My day job had really cut into my investment fantasy world these past few months but the first thing i did after 4 months of 60:hour weeks and being way too close to the virus was re-up my scrip with the Gumshoe and start reading fervishly. 4 months away had me forgetting how brilliant and cynical you are as you seem to be capable of taking anything that sounds like an amazing innovation or investment opportunity and making it sound like snake oil or pet rocks.
Your analysis is exceptional and i suppose it is necessary to counter our unbridled optimism and fomo and lack of fixed-income opportunities with your cold-as-ice, been there, done that, keep it moving, “nothing to see here try the veal next time” approach and writing style. With all that pleasantry and hyperbole out of the way, would you be kind enough to answer 2 questions for me.
A) Would you be able to name the the last 3 stocks/pitches that you were essentially all-in on.
B) Are you ever tempted to re-calibrate your settings in light of the liquidity splashing around the markets and the suspension even by many long-time market mavens of any sense of appropriate multiples pertaining to growth and valuation?
As always , time away creates perspective and it took only 2 days of reading through the last few months pitches to recognize how great this site is and how unique it is in the investment world, both in terms of value as well as entertainment. Thank you, Richard Levine

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