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By rlevine99, December 10, 2020

I know some of you have had this experience or else u wouldnt be here with Travis. Lets see if this resonates. I am checking my email and there are 2 separate investment groups pitching me on the 20 cents stock that will win the war against covid. I start watching the video and within 60 seconds i realize that they are talking about a stock i bought last week called visibility group-vsbgf – picked up a nice chunk at 19 cents the day before thanksgiving. Thing is-i didnt buy it as a Covid play, i bought it as an ai play as i had noticed that several of my AI stocks were percolating. It just turns out that this vsbgf may ACTUALLY be the best covid fighter out there. Along with being an extremely high-tech data gathering firm with what appears to be real patents and contracts. The stock hit 35 cents BEFORE i started seeing the investment emails and than i got my family and friends in at 35 on monday when it shot up to 59. Before any of them could thank me or call me genius VSBgf has now promptly slid back to around 40. My question to all of veteran irregulars is this?
How long will it be before Joe 401k and joey robinhood and johnny faangstock actually decode the ad or pay for the research?
A week, tomorrow, a month. Just trying to understand how to build my position or help some family that wanted in on the action.
Based on the last two i picked at this level -Exrof and racmf- im feeling pretty good about the short-term for vsbgf. Of course now that i have put myself out there it could explode in flames of failure but its 2020 so whats the worst that could happen?

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December 10, 2020 3:41 am

Missed this by 1 day the run up from 0.16. I’m thinking around .32 or so. Problem with all stocks (penny) like these, if you don’t exercise discipline, you become a long term investor. More often, than not, that can be expensive. next couple of days will tell the tale for this stock, if it can keep uptrend. To me the most important thing is to not lose capital. That is always my #1 priority.

Once I can get my money out, things get easier for me.

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December 13, 2020 5:21 pm

Hi, Yes it does sound like we are looking for the same thing, more or less. wendlefly@usa.com is my email. Yes this site is very helpful, it increased my understanding of SPACs which was a big plus. It’s nice to sift through the various newsletter and get an idea of what is what.

I use a program called Medved to sort through things I look for. Under a dollar volume with not alot of price movement. It would be nice if I could sort out what stock may, or may not run. No luck with that. I try to buy before the run up double and then see what happens.

What works ideally for me is sell half if it double. Sell half if it doubles again. Then forget about it. I found several of the weekend. Some have good stories some not so much. Email me and we can discuss it. I looked at spectra7. I did not see anything to compelling, but I may be missing something. Good luck!!

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December 13, 2020 10:31 pm

rlevine99, I shall attempt to answer the portion of your narrative which reads: “Just trying to understand how to build my position or help some family that wanted in on the action.”

I’m hardly a chart expert (and there are some on this site whose expertise would be appreciated) but will share my amateur observations:

1) This stock IPO’d in April 2019, collapsed in price much lower than the original close, but is finally back on track at around the price range when it IPO’d. Therefore, after 1 year & 8 months it’s starting over. With this kind of chart history, it’s hard to tell where the recommendations are coming from unless the newsletters or company itself are riding on the COVID bandwagon.

2) Assuming they’re right and foresee a bright future for using AI software in COVID tracking, an entry position at $0.50-ish would be too high. That’s the maximum price for the current range that the stock is in. I’m arriving at this max with the help of Bollinger Bands. (If you’re not familiar with this statistical tool, it’s that “bell curve” we learned in school tilted counterclockwise such that the bell is now sideways instead of face down.) The upper band is in the $0.50 range, so the risk of buying or holding at that price is at its highest right now.

3) An alternative would be to wait till price comes down to $0.40. That’s the double bottom reached on Dec 8th and 11th.

4) An even better entry point would probably be around $0.34 – $0.35. That’s the double bottom formed on Dec 7th and 9th. The chances of price bouncing back up from this level are better.

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December 14, 2020 5:52 am