written by reader Watch HIVE [ HVBTH ]

by calargy | December 10, 2020 3:48 pm

I bought several thousand shares in 2019 @ about $ 0.30 when Weiss Cripto Ratings declared it better than Bitcoin. Nothing much happened but it didn’t go down so I left it and forgot about it, thought it was a cannabis stock until recently when it started to go up fast. Looked it up on Yahoo Finance and relearned it was the or a leading cripto miner located in the artic, Sweden where energy is cheapest. It’s expanding elsewhere also. It made $0.09 last quarter on $13 million sales. Mines mostly Ethereum related stuff. Sold 1/2 @ $1.02 10/09/20 Price today $1.09 Also learned that high mining cost is due to energy eating computers, not machine tools. john a. aka calargy

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