written by reader Andy Snyder’s (Manward Press) “3 Devastation-Proof Stocks”

By bunion132, January 16, 2021

I surfed this Gumshoe site thinking that this tease had to have been covered before but could not find anything on it. What I did find was a slew of unflattering (that’s putting it mildly) views of Andy Snyder and Manward Press in general. Notwithstanding all that, the purpose of Stock Gumshoe is to sleuth out pitches of newsletters to save us members from forking the crazy fees that come with advertising rhetoric.
And so I ask if anyone knows or would like to guess at “THESE 3 DEVASTATION-PROOF STOCKS” Andy Snyder is pitching. It’s an excerpt from a much longer spiel entitled “The Great Devastation of 2021” (dated November 2020) whose crux is: “If you simply throw up your hands and go to cash, you are going to be left behind in the new world of unlimited free money.
And make no mistake… the stock market is the primary place all of this free money is going to flow. We are about to see the biggest stock price inflation ever in a very short period of time.”

Here’s a copy/paste of the excerpt: BUY THESE 3 ‘DEVASTATION-PROOF” STOCKS
Knowing that a bull market is coming is one thing. But knowing how to play it is another.
Some stocks are going to do extremely well in this new “free money” environment.
But others will crash and burn.
We’ve already seen that.
That’s why I’ve spent countless hours of research pinpointing the three BEST “devastation-proof” stocks on the market today.
You won’t hear about them on CNBC or Bloomberg…
But as people invest their stimulus checks, these companies will essentially get cash pumped in by the Fed… sending stock prices higher and higher:
It’s a critical gathering point for investors. One major outlet called it “the most powerful company you’ve never heard of.” They even compared it to blue chips like Apple and ExxonMobil. It touches just about every major commodities trade. And it doesn’t matter how the market moves. You could win either way.
Like Apple, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway and Google parent company Alphabet… this company recently announced a massive buyback plan. These are like superchargers that make good stocks great. It’s stock market magic. You simply won’t find another Big Tech stock that has the potential to not only double your money in 18 months during this devastation… but also increase its dividend payout by double digits – at a time when others are slashing theirs.
Data is the future of banking. Without it, banks can’t know who is creditworthy. And this company is set to become the leading data provider for the banking sector. It recently launched a unique software that spots and evaluates potential risks for banks in real time. In plain English, that means helping financial institutions see things like bad loans a mile away. It’s the type of advantage “old money” banks can – and will – pay for.

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