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By zippyd, January 13, 2021

No doubt you have been hearing more about Cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin and Ethereum at least.
You may have noticed Bitcoin and Ethereums huge gains and recent correction.
Bitcoin was at $5000, then during halving around $7k-$10k, and recently at $41k. And it had a 26% correction/consolidation, as it was going up to fast. Partly due to institutional investors and the public awareness. (See https://bitcointreasuries.org/ for a list of companies recently buying up bitcoin and moving their cash reserves). They seem to understand the bitcoin ‘store of value’ usage case. But they still do not understand or trust the Ethereum ecosystem, however Ethereum has been running since July 2015. [NOTE: There are scam projects so do your research].

Just to give people a place to start looking.. And this is by NO means a exhaustive list of good/solid projects.. just ones from the top of my head…
(Generally I avoid: xrp, bsh, bsv – which are good projects, do not bother with TRON or DOGE unless for fun or you have done the research. And feel free to talk to me about doing the research.. reading the whitepaper, checking the “tokenomics”.. total supply, circulating supply, percentage allocation and lockups.. Generally if the project takes 50% avoid them, if they are anonymous avoid them.. More conservative/solid projects lower risk are in the top 100 coins, large gainers are between a $1M and $10M marketcap, medium between $10M and $30M marketcap).

Any below I hold.. and I am fine with sharing what I hold and percentage.. (I have done some bad moves, but overall I am up signficantly over 7x in 6 months. and those are mostly holding not daytrading). And some of my losses have because I test features on the live blockchain network.. yield farming, staking, etc.. but I have not found yield farming profitible when doing small tests due to fees.

Best Cryptos currently for gains are a few small ones but significant gains on:
Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum (ETH), ChainLink(LINK), Polkadot(DOT), chainX(PCX)
Parsiq(PRQ), Uniswap(UNI), API3 looks interest.
Matic, Cardano(ADA) and Loopring(LRC) also.
My Uniswap(UNI) tokens were all free to me.. from a airdrop since I used the platform previously(regulary also).
But you need to look for dips. And hold long [and know you will gain, but the lower than
the peak] unless you FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and buyin near the top.

I have NEVER lost money on bitcoin or Ethereum. (I have lost with small coins/tokens, but I invested small amounts I was willing to lose). And others 400+% in a few weeks. I do not have it mastered. However, if you do a little research, do not get greedy and balance between the solid projects [bitcoin, ethereum, polkadot]. A recent upcomer has been Cardano (ADA) and also Matic
If you want to see a good list of the coins and tokens [note coins are ones that have their own blockchain, tokens are the ones hosted on a blockchain], you can see those at:
http://coingecko.com/ or http://coinmarketcap.com/
Current markets coming after this bitcoin correction/consolidation we have currently are in the areas of:
– DeFi
* Derivatives – Synthetix(SNX) and others
* AAVE – loands and yield baring
* Insurance – Nexus Mutual (NXM), COVER, and others
* General yield farming – yearn.finance ecosystem/Sushi/YF-DAI
– Layer-2 solutions (basically to fix some issues with scaling on Ethereum until
Ethereum 2.0 is finished in a couple years). Phase 0 is already implemented.
* Matic
* LoopRing(LRC)
– Oracles – basically databases or pulling data/functions for projects
* ChainLink (LINK) – top oracle
* Band
smaller ones that may do well or be weeded out..
* API3
* Graph (GRT)
* DOS Networks(DOS)
– Launchpads – places that launch new projects..
* DuckDuckDime(DDIM) – yeah I know the name is silly
* Polkastarter(POLS)
* TrustSwap(SWAP)
* Binance(BNB) and they have a launchpad also – big centeral exchange – US has to use binance.us [kicked off the main site]
– Alternate chains/ecosystems
* Polkadot is a ecosystem started by the other founder of Ethereum. And it is meant
to work with/interoperate with other chains. And there are many coins/projects
in Polkadot and Kusama chains.
* Cardano(ADA)

Stansberry had bad information on Crypto and bitcoin. It was wide open, but difficult to get originally due to the US SEC and it is still hard to get in good projects/offers due to US Gov restrictions. [so the US citizens are at a disadvantage or illegally access some exchanges]. Reecntly the US cracked down, and we can only use ‘US “blessed” exchanges’ to move US dollars on.

I am happy to discuss on anything, but especially science [genetics/medical], robotics, cryptos, blockchain, security or computing topics.

And even share my Crypto portfolio and my winners and losers. But I managed to get my 401k up in 6 months 214% [after I had to take it over and fidelity lost 20%]. And my crypto is up over 5x in the same time. It is likely IMO for bitcoin to $150k by Oct.. and I would start selling out at around $50k, $100k [expecting a correction and buy back in], sell at least half at $150 and let a portion ride and sell on the way down[if I catch it]. Ethereum best estimates are $20k again that is the feel. And Polkadot I was in at $3.00, and now about $8-$9, up to $100.

Again on the stockmarket a entry without ‘premiums’ for bitcoin would be MicroStrategy (MSTR).

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