written by reader Unraveling The Motley Fool’s No. 1 Technology Investment of 2021

By alkemus, January 19, 2021

Has anyone been able to unravel TMF’s latest teaser about their 5G event?
Today, The Motley Fool will peel back the curtain on what we’ve identified as the No. 1 tech investment of this year.
Like the internet in the 1990s… eCommerce in the 2000s… and the smartphone over the past decade, we believe that 5G will ultimately come to define the tech innovations of the future… meaning that investors who get in this year could position themselves to capture a piece of this life-changing wealth.
Not only is the overall industry projected to see 160X growth over the coming five years, but experts upped the anticipation by declaring that 5G could unlock as much as $17 TRILLION in global economic impact by 2035!
If this prediction holds true, that would mean early, in-the-know investors like you can set themselves up for the potential of truly staggering returns from this era-defining tech investment…
… and today, we’ll show exactly how we think you can do that.

Please note that while a replay of this event will be available, due to the extremely time-sensitive nature of some of the research we’ll be sharing, it will be available only until MIDNIGHT.

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January 20, 2021 8:03 am

Just a wild guess, but it may be etherium or bitcoin.
This is a quote from the bitcoin exchange guide.

“As 5G communication technology expands worldwide, it could also fuel the rise of distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) and blockchain. In fact, 5G could be the biggest thing to ever happen to blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and distributed ledger technology.

As greater connectivity and a possible 100X faster internet latency potential, 5G is estimated to take today’s lag effect of 100ms and churn it down into a chiseled 1ms. At a one hundred times multiple, not to mention billions more users around the world coming online at high speed bandwidths for the very first time, blockchain as a cadaster will only become more alive and well as more become plugged into the 5G-powered internet 2.0 web that could be utilizing a blockchain-based codebase that is of course, decentralized and peer to peer at its core. Not to mention the additional caveats of having no third-party involvement, operates trustless, adds fraud protection and detection, transparent yet secure, and of course – making digital money scarce.”

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January 20, 2021 6:04 pm

You have to pay for the subscription service to find out exactly what the stock really is. You may go for the “free trial” offer. But may have some difficulty in cancelling subscription if you do not like the service. In practice, it really does take 3 to 5 years to see serious rise in some of the stock picks. Some stock picks can actually lose value in that time frame, then rise again. For patient investors.

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