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By vf84sluggo, February 27, 2021

Just how accurate is this soothsayer, Jeff Brown? Or any others on that Money Map Press place, like Gentile and Keene?

I recently subcribed to Brown’s “Near Future Report”, and the few that were still below the buy price have done nothing but retreat. The ‘near future’ stuff from Brown has been solid red. At least they refunded my money. I’ll give them that.

I’m thinking ALL of these ‘gurus’ – Brown, Gentile, et al – are bleating about their fantastic returns and stock-picking acumen all the while benefitting from numbers inflated bu the HUGE run-up since the covidiocy hit this time last year. Easy to post all these “homeruns”, but with the market inflated, looks like their “10-bagger”-spotting prowess has dried up.

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March 1, 2021 11:04 am

It’s funny I was in the same boat back in the fall. I watched the entire 45 min video of Jeff Brown only to find out you need to subscribe to reveal the “secret stock”. At the time, he was talking about a biotech stock. I was skeptical but I figured I’d get refunded if the stock totally tanked. Low and behold, the biotech stock (Illumina) made me a good chunk of change. My guess is that his accuracy on the predictions is probably a little greater than 50% but by the same token, all the tech stocks are tanking recently. At least you were able to get your $ back from his subscription.

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March 7, 2021 5:13 pm

I do not follow any of the ‘futurists’ or ‘prediction’ people. But we all predict. Future guessing we can all do, and if you publish enough you will have many correct ‘predictions’. Similar to fortune tellers. You focus on the positives. I knew the internet in the early days and the growth, but did not profit from it, in part due to I was against it going to companies like Amazon/Microsoft [lawyer based winners versus skills/quality but a good market]. So Crypto is for the next 6 months – 5 years, biotech will be on going [various markets – but I do not like Insurance companies having/using this information] for predictive diagnostics [something I have been talking about since 1990 combine genetics, patient histories and cross compare patients, and with AI in 2012 taking off it is do-able], robotics is at its infancy still so it is 5-20 years of major changes, and then bio-fabrication [10-20 year hopefully sooner, for me better distribution of critical needs globally]. For the short-term I am personally not a fan of collectables, art, type markets – however in Crypto right now it is probably the largest market for the next few months [called NFTs]. But note NFTs are bigger than art, collectables, it is for real estate or any other limited-edition or unique property [like real estate]. So for Biotech I have loved CRiSPR and there are other similar techniques for gene editing. More personalized medicine.
Also AI/DL/ML [artificial intelligence, Deep learning and machine learning] are all involved in these markets. However, common sense is the best medicine, proper diet, exercise, lower stress, fun, rest, helping others is the best and lowest cost.

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