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By charan1707, February 16, 2021

Today, we’re adding three new positions to our cryptocurrency trading portfolio.

As you know, I’ve devoted a huge amount of time and resources over the past few years to build out my network and contacts in the crypto space. And the people I’ve gotten to know are incredibly knowledgeable and well-connected. They’re always on the cutting edge of breakout coins.

Recently, my circle of contacts has been talking about these three coins as strong fundamental projects with massive upside. I’ve learned that when they throw around names like this, it’s not long before some catalyst kicks in and those projects take off.

And with the crypto market heating up – and DeFi in particular – I want you to get in on them today, before they shoot higher.

As always, place no more than $200–400 for smaller accounts and $500–1,000 for larger accounts into these trades.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Immediately after our buy recommendations, we often see an initial price spike. We understand this can be frustrating. But don’t worry. This is par for the course in the cryptocurrency space. Most of the time, the recommendation falls back below our buy-up-to price. Use a limit order. And just be patient and let the price come to you.

The first one is Saffron Finance (SFI).

It’s a DeFi protocol that enables users to customize their risk tolerance. Users can divide the risk of exposure to a specific asset into separate pools known as risk tranching. This allows them to accept lower risk for a lower yield or reach for higher yields by accepting higher risk.

It’s a common tool that’s long been used in traditional finance to customize the risk of trillions of dollars in debt securities. Saffron is perfecting this feature for the DeFi ecosystem on Ethereum.

Saffron is opening the doors to a wave of new users who want to minimize their risk tolerance while gaining exposure to the high yields DeFi has to offer. And by getting in today, we will benefit from Saffron’s growing usage since users are required to hold the SFI token to access the platform’s features.

Action to Take: Buy Saffron Finance (SFI).
Buy-up-to Price: $3,000
Stop Loss: None
Buy It On: Uniswap
Store It On: MyEtherWallet

The second is the Rari Governance Token (RGT).

The RGT token governs Rari Capital. It’s a platform that pools users’ liquidity together and deploys it in the most capital-efficient manner. This allows users to generate yield through lending and farming on various DeFi apps like Compound.Finance, Yearn.finance, Aave, and more – all through one platform.

The RGT token will have two main functions that should boost adoption.

As it’s a governance token, RGT holders can make and vote on future proposals the protocol takes on. And since RGT token holders control the protocol’s treasury, token holders should soon start getting a cut of the platform’s profits.

RGT also gives token holders a discount on the fee it charges on the profits they make on the platform. This gives Rari Capital users another incentive to hold the RGT token since it boosts their returns.

Rari Capital also recently integrated Saffron Finance, our first pick above. This will let Rari users customize and minimize risk and generate a fixed yield, boosting activity on both platforms.

And it’ll soon add gateways for institutional access, letting even greater assets flow into the ecosystem. This means more fees paid to the treasury and, ultimately, more rewards for RGT token holders.

By purchasing the RGT token today, we’re positioning ourselves to profit from the platform’s next wave of DeFi users seeking to generate income in a customizable and efficient way.

Action to Take: Buy Rari Governance Token (RGT).
Buy-up-to Price: $15
Stop Loss: None
Buy It On: Uniswap
Store It On: MyEtherWallet

Our third recommendation today is the Mirror Protocol (MIR).

The majority of the world doesn’t have access to U.S.-listed stocks. That means they can’t own the likes of Apple, Amazon, Facebook, or even the Nasdaq Index. Mirror Protocol solves this problem.

It’s a synthetic asset protocol that gives traders exposure to real-world assets without the burden of owning or transacting them. Traders can own fractional amounts of the asset – whether it’s stocks, commodities, indexes, or other cryptos – and are not restricted by location or stock market trading hours.

Mirror Protocol is built on the Terra blockchain but connected to Ethereum via bridge. This enables users to trade, mint, and stake assets on a blockchain that’s faster and cheaper than Ethereum, while gaining access to the largest DeFi economy on Ethereum.

Since the start of this year, total minted assets on the platform have grown 170% from $81 million to $219 million today. And during this same time period, transaction volume has grown nearly 700% from roughly $2.5 million per day to $20 million per day today.

By owning a piece of Mirror Protocol today, we’ll benefit from decentralized traders looking for a faster and cheaper way to transact while still being connected to the Ethereum blockchain. Mirror Protocol is a great token to buy that we anticipate will gain large-scale adoption while we wait for Ethereum to scale up to its true potential.

Action to Take: Buy Mirror Protocol (MIR).
Buy-up-to Price: $8
Stop Loss: None
Buy It On: Uniswap
Store It On: MyEtherWallet

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