written by reader Terrible service by Stock Brokers

By gumbotori, February 27, 2021

I have two well-known stock brokers. Their service is now (Corona virus? ) execrable. Now, I don’t want to start out by naming them, but I will , if requested. Anyway, I’m thinking of replacing them, so I’m here to ask: ARE THERE ANY BROKERS WHO ARE NOW GIVING ACCEPTABLE SERVICE?

Oh, when I say bad. I’m referring to pick-up time on phone calls and response time on E-mail messages. I just don’t believe that Corona virus is a good excuse for companies in their business. Am I wrong?


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ed d schmitt
ed d schmitt
February 28, 2021 7:42 pm

Funny you should ask, I just filled out a post service survey asking about how my customer experience was after a phone call. I tried to do an internal transfer from one account to another, something I’ve done numerous times. I subscribe to Jeff Brown’s SPAC service and for some reason, want to keep the SPAC purchases separate. I was met with a message stating that the service wasn’t available. Needless to say I missed the buy price and never was able to buy it. Then, I tried to buy a different stock on the main account that I have the cash in. It wouldn’t let me do that either saying that I didn’t have the funds available, even though I know what I have in there and I’m looking right at where it says Available cash for trading or withdrawal. So I call and have to wait 50 minutes. I get through and the guy, who was very nice, stated that he doesn’t know why I couldn’t transfer the money, but stated that he was more than happy to do that for me now. Too late! I missed the trade! As you may or may not know, when you purchase these SPAC, you purchase units that need to be split into warrants after a certain time. To do this, you have to call your broker and request that they do that. So I ask the guy on the phone if he can do that. He replied that he could not, but can transfer me to the department that can, but there’s a 30 minute wait. I asked can you give that number so I can call direct another time? He replied, no, you have to make this initial call with the 50 minute wait time and then be transferred from there. So I said ok, transfer me since I was already that far in. After 25 minutes, the music stops like the call is going through. THEY HUNG UP! After an hour and half wait, nothing was taken care of and now I have to do it all over. Ain’t nobody got time for that! ..Needless to say, I was not very nice in the survey and stated that if I had the time and patience to close my account and transfer everything, I’d be gone. That was Friday afternoon, I’m curious if they will follow up or if they don’t care. Sorry I rambled, but man! I am however, happy that I wasn’t talking to a live person afterwards. I don’t like to tee off on somebody who really didn’t have anything to do with the problem. But sure would have.

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March 1, 2021 7:07 pm
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