written by reader Why Scientists Are Calling Ammonia the “Fuel of the Future”

By borsuks, February 24, 2021

Any ideas on what’s being teased?

An inventor from a small town in Ontario found a way to produce ammonia without using any fossil fuels at all.

His machine cleverly makes it from nothing but air and water.

And now he’s taken the invention public in the form of a tiny company that trades on Canada’s TSX Venture Exchange.

The technology he uses involves wind and solar energy systems. And it addresses one of the major flaws in those systems.

Everyone knows one of the main challenges to wind and solar energy is not having enough of either. The sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow.

But another problem is having too much.

When there’s a lot of sun and wind, more energy can be produced than the grid can handle. When that happens, solar panels and wind turbines have to be disconnected from the grid to prevent overloads.

That results in billions of dollars in lost energy production.

Alex Koyfman, investment director of Microcap Insider and recent publisher of an ammonia-based investment report, writes,

Wind and solar energy have surged by 77% in the U.S. since 2010. In California, rooftop solar is already producing three times as much as centralized stations. As a result, the state loses nearly 200 gigawatt-hours of electricity each month. That’s enough to power about 228,050 homes… and it’s simply going to waste!

The Ontario inventor’s fridge-size machine takes the excess electricity from wind and solar systems and transforms it into ammonia.

When there’s no sun or wind, that ammonia can be fed into thermal power stations to produce zero-emission electricity.

Koyfman writes, “It’s like a liquid battery, only without the chemical waste or constant potential for failure.”

The invention has already caught the attention of those in the highest levels of government and business. And now, investors are just starting to catch wind of it.

In his report, Alex Koyfman goes into much more detail about the ammonia industry and the tiny microcap stock that’s positioned to disrupt it.

You can check out that report for free now by clicking here.

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