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By wizard1786, March 4, 2021

Anyone have information on Teeka Tiwari recent pitch for tech royalties?

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March 10, 2021 11:15 pm

Hello, everyone. In his book The Miracle of Mindfulness, Thich Nhat Hanh tells a story with the refrain, “Good luck, bad luck. We don’t know yet.” That might apply here, or “caveat emptor.” Tech Royalties is a pitch for the Crypto Income Subscription offered by Palm Beach Research Group (PBRG). Recently, I was misled by the offer that “expires at midnight”. Since purchasing the subscription for $2,000, I have been bombarded with email pitches for the same product under different subjects or headlines. I would prefer that they bring kind attention to newcomers by updating their crypto resources and responding to customer questions/emails. For example, links in their brief guide did not work. Teeka, where is Crypto Corner? Does it still exist?

Will this subscription eventually pay for itself and more? If I master the mechanics of safe crypto investing, I will find out. I was disappointed in the instructions for crypto newcomers—inadequate and outdated. One guide is c.2017 with a note that details may have changed. Teeka, life is in the details. The most helpful resource, The Crypto Master Class, is not inside the Crypto Income Subscription. Instead, it came as a bonus with a subscription to the Palm Beach Letter. How user-friendly is that?

Perhaps Teeka is kind-hearted and sincere. He is excited about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency and eager to share what he knows (one subscription at a time). He says he wants to help build a financial foundation “for generations” among people who normally have no way to build massive wealth. His approach, however, would be more helpful if he practiced mindful kindness. Mindful kindness would consider the needs of newcomers. For a positive, less stressful experience, and our ultimate success, some of us need a roadmap and a handhold.

Life is a humbling experience. Often, when I have trouble with something, if I step back, I see my own part. I see how I am causing or contributing to the problem. Are my keys in my pocket? Did I read the roadmap correctly? Remembering this, I am now revisiting PBRG (Palm Beach…) with an open mind, with nonjudgmental curiosity. Perhaps the roadmap they provide is sufficient and an aha moment awaits me. If so, I apologize. I may wish for a handhold, but, hey, they never promised exceptional customer service.

If I trust the learning process and give it time, I have faith that a positive outcome will emerge. I am a Kindness Advocate. Either crypto investing will help fund kindness initiatives, or sharing my experience will help others make a more informed decision. Maybe it will inspire PBRG to practice mindful kindness. As reported in the Harvard Business Review and elsewhere, kindness is good for business.

Good luck going forward, everyone. I encourage you to pause, breathe, choose. Choose kindness, mindful kindness. Namaste.

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March 30, 2021 2:21 am
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