Friday File: Benchmarked Returns, Some Clunker Updates, and Coinbase

Checking out recently weak MILE, WRAP and INTZ... plus a little buying, some updates on crypto investment valuations, and much more...

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, April 16, 2021

I thought I’d start with a “benchmarked returns” question, since a couple readers have asked recently how the Real Money Portfolio’s returns compare to the broader market.

In general, I have usually done a little better than the US stock averages (I use the S&P 500, just for convenience), but sometimes I’ve done a little worse. The variance is not usually very dramatic in any given period… but 2020 was an exceptional year, and it sent the entire portfolio into very strong outperformance (in 2021 so far, as payback, the portfolio has trailed the overall market).

I haven’t ever added those relative performance numbers to the portfolio that I share with you, mostly because it’s a huge pain to get that data for positions that I’ve built over decades (I’ve bought Berkshire Hathaway shares about 25 times since 2005, for example), but I do monitor my relative performance in a loose way (following it too closely is enough to drive you mad — the idea is to make money, not to make sure you’re close to average). My easy dashboard check is typically through Personal Capital, which provides a decent benchmark day to day and month to month, though their tracking isn’t as accurate when it comes to longer-term retur