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By insighted, April 22, 2021

Jeffrey Brown is touting an investment newsletter called Early Stage Trader which supposedly identifies “Penny IPOs” which are about to skyrocket (for only $2500 a year).Any ideas about his current top three picks?
Penny IPO #1: Get in at half the “Insider’s” Price!

First up is Penny IPO #1…

This company is working on one of the latest, most cutting-edge fields of medicine…

The microbiome.

You see, we all have a diverse array of microorganisms that live inside us.

Collectively, these are known as the “human microbiome.” And it’s essential to our health.

The microbiome, for example, helps us digest our food… maintains our immune system… and regulates our metabolism.

And scientists just discovered the microbiome is linked to many illnesses!

AIDS… MS… cardiovascular disease… Parkinson’s… IBS… even autism.

Dr. Jeffrey Gordon, a pioneer in the field, was recently awarded Columbia University’s prestigious Horwitz Prize for his work on the microbiome…

(This prize is awarded each year for outstanding work in biology or biochemistry. Since 1967, 43 Horwitz winners have gone on to win the Nobel Prize!)

Well, get this…

Dr. Gordon is now collaborating with Penny IPO #1!

In fact, they’ve already created a library of more than 1,500 microbiome-based treatments to help fight… and even prevent … disease. (One of these, for example, is cirrhosis, which kills over 1 million people a year…)

No other company in the field comes close to Penny IPO #1!

That’s why several big VCs—including Fidelity Management & Research—poured over $160 million into the company.

And now is the perfect time to get in…

Because, in classic Penny IPO style… the stock has already seen its first initial small surge—right here—and its pullback, here …

And, now, it’s reversing. And is poised for its first big spike up!

In fact, the company is set to release important trial data…

That could literally be any day now…

On top of that—they are set to file a key “Investigative New Drug” or IND form with the FDA.

Catalysts like this—trial results, or filing an IND with the FDA—are almost always what cause the big spikes we see in Penny IPOs…

In fact, they were responsible for 100% of the first spikes we saw in our research.

Do you understand the implications of this?

Let me explain:

We are recommending you buy early-stage biotech companies that just went public… with a built-in catalyst coming up…

And, remember, the FDA mandates these companies MUST make their results public!

Now do you see why my back-test shows a 98% success rate and an average gain of 227%?

It’s an almost sure path to profits!

I suspect Amazon’s Jeff Bezos knows this…

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