written by reader What is the $3 Liquid Energy stock being pitched by David Fessler?

By lynn1re, May 24, 2021

David Fessler is touting a $3.00 company stock that he calls liquid energy. The premise is a machine that can hook up to our existing power grids… and, using simply water and electricity, convert excess power into storable fuel! So that all the excess energy does NOT get wasted. It quite literally liquefies the excess energy. This is done through a process called electrolysis.
The electrolyzer hooks up to those existing power sources. The electrolyzer is filled with water and begins to channel electricity…The water reacts and forms oxygen…And one other key element… perhaps the single most important element in the history of science: The electrolyzer produces positively charged hydrogen. That positively charged hydrogen is a SUPER-FUEL, charged and ready to be stored or put into vehicles! In the process of making this super-fuel, there are NO greenhouse gas emissions. Just hydrogen and oxygen.
The company is already operating the world’s LARGEST electrolyzer plant, a cutting-edge facility that can produce electrolyzers that can create 500 megawatts of Liquid Electricity each year. And companies are lining up to buy this company’s electrolyzers. Nikola, an electric trucking company, has become one of its biggest customers already. It signed a contract for 448 electrolyzers produced at the factory. The Department of Energy issued a grant worth $4.4 MILLION. This company has also partnered with Tenaris, a truck manufacturer in California. Tenaris designs trucks to run on the energy that comes from Liquid Electricity. The United States Navy plans to use Liquid Electricity to produce all the mobile fuel it can haul on its ships!
In New York City… more than 700 apartments… a grocery store… a parking garage… and even a school… are all running COMPLETELY on the fuel provided by Liquid Electricity. In the second quarter of this year, the company hopes to flip the switch on the VERY FIRST test phase of the world’s ONLY autonomous plant… a fully operational, 100%-automated facility making these electrolyzers.
So what is this company and how viable is this technology really, or how much is just plain ole hype?

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