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By muttonguy, May 15, 2021

There’s a little-known stock quietly dominating the social media space. And we believe it has the potential to mint savvy investors a fortune.
You see, this company has returned 102.1% to early investors since The Motley Fool recommended it in August 2020!
It’s not another app or new social media craze. It’s something much bigger!
You see, this stock provides a single hub for brands to engage customers, publish new content, and uncover trends from social conversations.
But that is not all…
Where this company excels is in providing social media damage control.
Just think Jerry Maguire for social media!
When unhappy customers rant on Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube, this company allows brands to address customers concerns quickly and easily before it goes viral.
It helps companies mitigate risk, and brands worldwide love them for it!
The stock has more than 25,000 brands and organizations as clients globally and generates more than $158 million in recurring revenue per year!
But the fact that this company is helping brands build a presence online isn’t the sole reason why I’m writing you today.
Here’s the thing…
There are over 3.4 billion social media users worldwide. And when you consider the fact that 91 % of U.S. marketers use social media to reach consumers….
Let’s just say that there’s a growing demand for this stock’s services!
In fact, the company believes that its total addressable market is $50 billion. Now, when compared to its $158 million in annual revenue…
Well, our analysts believe we’re still in the early stages of a potential 315X growth opportunity!
One that we believe could possibly mint thousands of new millionaires one day!
Because even though the Dow futures dipped 200 points this week …
And CNBC said inflation is running hotter than expected …
And tech stocks shed 1.5% of its 41.49% year-long gains on Wednesday…
Companies still need to connect with consumers — and they tend to use social media, and potentially this stock, to do it!
Which is why savvy investors aren’t fearing volatility or inflation.
(Especially since the Federal Reserve estimates that the pickup in inflation will be temporary .)
Many investors are positioning their portfolios to profit years from now — and at a better price point than a few weeks ago too, I might add!
So, if you’re looking for a new stock with the potential to eventually generate millions for early investors, click below to learn more about this stock.

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