written by reader No 1 Gold Stock – Mark lichtenfeld

By northbanker, June 1, 2021

Hi – this is being plugged by Lichtenfeld for his Oxford Income Letter. The stock sounds interesting – anyone know what it might relate to?
His marketing letter is as follows:
The #1 Gold Trade for 2021
As I said earlier, this is not a mining company in the traditional sense.
Most gold mining companies first have to find the gold.
This can cost millions of dollars, just on exploration.
Reconnaissance teams fighting through jungles deep in the mountains… geo-imaging of the Earth to look for prospective finds… and expensive core-testing when you think you’ve found something…
It all costs a fortune, and often you come up empty.
Then, even if you’ve found a good, working gold mine… you must spend a huge sum to get the gold out of the ground.
The cost of infrastructure and tunneling into a mountain or digging miles under the earth is significant.

And when all the gold has been mined… you must move on and hope to find a new deposit.

This is the way that it’s been done for hundreds of years.

But my favorite gold stock – which sells for a remarkable $10 a share – has a unique way of extracting gold.
And it’s FAR easier than traditional mining.
You see… there’s something about gold mines that isn’t often talked about.
In order to get the gold out of the ground, tons and tons of rock and dirt must be removed.
These are called “tailings.”
When a mine is complete, there is often a mountain of tailings left behind that are ugly and bad for the environment.
Sometimes the land is unusable afterward.
These tailings are also filled with leftover gold missed in the initial operation.
The #1 gold company can actually clean up the tailings, extracting millions of ounces of gold while doing so.
It’s created a process called “nano-extraction” that allows it to run tailings through its “retreatment plants” and pull out huge amounts of gold.
ts two main plants comprise arguably the LARGEST operation in the world. And it can keep building them all over near old, abandoned gold mines.
And that’s the beauty of it!
It doesn’t have to go in and dig. It just takes the old tailings and starts pulling out the gold using nano-extraction.

As the company says…
“We do NOT mine underground. We mine without interruption, and by its very nature, our mining results in the rehabilitation of sites formerly occupied by mine dumps.”
But trust me, this isn’t some hippie community cleanup project. This is an extremely profitable business.
Since beginning operation with this technology in 2019… the company has seen profitability numbers that are off the charts.
Operating profit quadrupled in one year from $23 million to $94 million.
Cash on hand went from $10 million to more than $100 million under the company’s current leadership.

Meanwhile, the company is raking in so much cash, it has ZERO bank debt.
That’s why the company had no problem QUADRUPLING the dividend it paid to shareholders last year. It wanted to reward investors with some of that cash!
And it is only scratching the surface of what can be done here.

In the past year, it produced 174,000 ounces of gold using its method.

But the gold reserves still in the tailings it is processing total 10.39 MILLION ounces.

At $2,000 an ounce… that’s $20.78 billion worth.

At $5,000 an ounce… it’s $51.95 billion worth!

For a company with a market cap of about $1 billion currently, these are huge numbers.

And here’s the thing…

Just about every single mine in the world has tailings piled up ready to be processed.

Unlike the rest of the world, this cocmpany has no shortage of available gold supplies to tap into.

When this company takes its nano-extraction process and starts expanding everywhere, the profits could turn it into the biggest and most profitable gold stock in the world.

But today?

The stock sells for just $10 and change.

But if gold moves higher, as I expect it will, this company will become even more profitable and generate more cash flow.

For Every 10% Move in Gold, This Company’s Profit Doubles!

In fact, we’ve run the numbers.

For every 10% increase in the price of gold… this company’s revenue is expected to jump by $307 million…

And its operating profit by $133 million.

Remember, operating profit has already increased from $24 million to $104 million.

But if gold goes up 10%… that instantly doubles the profit to $237 million.

If gold goes up 20%… profit would jump to $370 million!

If gold went up 50%… the company’s profit would multiply more than seven times over, to $769 million.

And if gold goes to $5,000… as Bank of America is predicting… we’re talking about a 23-fold increase in profit.

Do that… and the stock is not going to stay $10 and change for v