written by reader Possible catalysts to stocks talked about in the past.

by bludolphint | June 28, 2021 12:47 pm

These are definitely Venture stocks. First Lexagene, a co. that is selling now their MiQlab, That analyses up to 27 pathogens at a time in about an HOUR, and can be configured for different industries needs. It is a gold standard test that takes a couple days up to a week for some labs that provide the same service. It can be used for a Pandemic, Gold standard test for any Virus in about an HOUR, a biothreat, (Unibomber eg.) Food industry, (Ecoli eg.) Veterinary, where the first machines are already placed. It is in marketing and sales stage ramping up production. The machines are operated in house by staff with a couple hours of instruction, no specialized personnel needed. But the catalyst is that it is now working to qualify to be up listed to the NASDAQ, hopefully by the 4th quarter. At about 0.75 CAN now, that means it needs to be over $1.00 USD to qualify for Nasdaq. They have just hired a co. to help them do it. I am biased I own the stock.
The other co. is Fortune Minerals. Yes, it is small now. 0.14, but it has a resource of critical minerals, cobalt, bismuth, and some copper and a sweetener 1.1 million oz. of Gold. The resource is now being expanded with a drill program that is showing that the trend continues for quite a way further. But the proven resource is enough that the American govt. is in direct talks to possibly fund part of the mine construction. The American Embassy invited the company to make a presentation to US companies interested in their strategic resource last week. I think that will be a catalyst not only on price but also being noticed by bigger companies. They have been approached by some Chinese companies, but they, FT, turned them down, not wanting to add to their near monopoly status in Cobalt. I am biased because I own shares. There have been discussions on these companies before on this site but I thought some may want to know the news on them. Thanks

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