COVID Updates and October ’21 Miscellany

By Michael Jorrin, "Doc Gumshoe", October 5, 2021

A friend of ours on the Maine island where we spent our vacation told us that her husband’s surgery had been cancelled at the last minute because the hospital in Portland was swamped with COVID cases, and all elective surgery was cancelled. This notification came at the last possible minute, as they were getting ready to get on the ferry to the mainland and make the trip down to Portland.

Our friend’s husband’s surgery was not an emergency. It was spinal surgery to correct a problem that had been plaguing him for some time. The physician who diagnosed the problem and prescribed the surgical procedure had said that the window of opportunity to correct the problem by means of surgery was perhaps six months, and three of those months had elapsed, so our friend and her husband were wondering whether the surgery could be rescheduled and completed sometime in the remaining three months. Considering the current state of the pandemic, they cannot be entirely sure when he will be able to have this necessary surgery.

What is particularly troubling about their situ