written by reader Stephen McBride’s “ Buy this Phase 2 crypto before it lists on Coinbase”

By ninjaphysics, October 28, 2021

Can anyone figure this out from the transcript below? I’ve narrowed it down to a few candidates

Stephen: This one is truly tiny. It doesn’t trade on Coinbase yet.

It’s only 0.02% the size of bitcoin, for now.

This tiny Phase 2 crypto lets customers earn high rates of interest on their crypto balances.

You can currently earn 5% interest on Ethereum, for example. Which is 83 times what the average US savings account pays!

The interest is paid daily. And here’s the best part.

You keep possession of your capital while earning high rates of interest every day.

You’re not depositing it in a bank. Your money’s not “locked up” for years, like it is when you invest in a bank CD.

Your capital stays 100% liquid, like cash. While you earn 5% interest on it.

Ed: Wow. That’s truly innovative. You earn 5% and your money stays liquid? I see why traditional banks are scared.

Are you suggesting viewers use this platform to collect interest on their crypto?

Stephen: No, today’s discussion isn’t about becoming one of their customers. I’m recommending you become the equivalent of a shareholder in its rapidly growing business.