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GAN is down 17% today (20.77 as type). It was covered on this website last I see on June 19th, and was bullish at $22… Anyone adding on this drop?

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On What's the Fool's "Under the Radar" Gaming Stock being teased by IPO Trailblazers?

You're only in a small minority if that stat is indeed true. Color me skeptical.[...]

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On Looking into Lashmet's "Triple Threat" COVID Testing Tease

If the Pfizer vaccine news is all that is cracked up to be today, I'm not sure I'd invest in therapeutics and testing. True it will take time to distribute, etc.. But once the 65+ population is vaccinated, the market for testing will tank and there are o[...]

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On COVID 19: What Are Prospects for the Duration?

I think it's self-evident that lock-downs slow the spread, the debate is really at what cost, and to what extent are we preventing infections vs. prolonging the pain. Some of the lock down costs economically, and societal are probably cumulative, whi[...]

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On Microblog: What's UP with GAN?

I have puts that are in the money now. Thinking that I'll accept the shares rather than sell at a loss today . Most times when I've exited a put ITM, it's been a mistake in hindsight. Looking forward to your thoughts on current valuation.[...]

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On Friday File: Valuation Fears, GAN, and some New Speculations

rsgarden - Check if your cable company has an app for the ROKU - mine (Spectrum) did and we got rid of the cable box and remote that way.[...]

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