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IQ Pills

The pill pushed as the Pres pill.FORMULA FOCUS 1-855-457-0806.Another FOCUS is this the one Doc talked about?1-866-778-2646 Ext.1,if you want to order.You Gummarati lets get that thinkolator going full speed. Whisslepig the end

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On Kramer's "No. 1 Value Stock for 2018"
Thinking of 2018 Trade of The Year 1000%outperformance,up 38%in last year,Tech Stock, Provider to TESLA&Alde?[...]
On What's "The H.E.I.S.T. Moneybomb" from Extreme Alpha?
I do not do options ![...]
On Friday File: A Sell, One Long-Term Buy, and some Speculations
I found a way to get into Bitcoin with my broker :(GBTC) Bitcoin Investment Trust. Must say I found it a bit late,the way it has taken off.Do anyone no any other funds for cryptocurrency? Groundhog[...]
On Mampilly's "Untapped Ocean of Energy Found Under All 50 States"
Also my 70th birthday today.WOW ![...]
On Population and Health: Not Just Our Own Health, But the Health of the Planet!
Rheumatoid Arthritis is something I have been living with for many years,something that helps reduce the pain is Green Lipped Mussel Oil from New Zealand it cuts the inflammation and in turn the pain.The cheapest is from Swanson 1-800 437 4148 item#E7SWE07[...]
On Oncotutorial
I hope this is on subject ;Defeat cancer ,six mushrooms mix,Myco Phyto Compley.Get it@Eco Nugenics,Inc.,PH 1-800-308-5518 US$39.95 per 60 -count bottle of capsules. Groundhog[...]
On Friday File Hodgepodge: India, Gold and Stop Losses
Great ,Love the Royalty talk![...]
On Here We Go Again! Another Plot to Suppress Life-Saving Cures!
Essiac is A cure for breast cancer nurse Rene M. Caisse ,was persecuted for helping cure paitionts with it.To get the original call 1-866-293-3367 and ask for Essiac. A true cure.I tink.[...]
On Kent Moors teases his "'Infinite Power' Nano-Grid" Stock for 38,901% Gains
Guest Herb appears to Me to be the NUT JOB.[...]
On Motley Fool Canada's "Death of TV" Stock
I would like to find the uranium company teased by Nick Hodges for Early Advantage ,supposedly located in Canada?[...]
On The Twelve Biotechs of Christmas: One
I bought (cur)Neural Stem at $0.30 it went to $6.00 in a hurry I did not sell at the top because I think it has prospects to go much higher. I just wondered what you thought Dr.Kss M.D. PhD I just watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes ,first copy right i[...]
On Annual Review Wrapup -- Disney and Ligand, plus two add-on buys and the launch of the new watchlist
I have only one stock in my portfolio,that was their before I became a Irregular.That stock is (OHI)Omega Healthcare Investors.A stock that I would like to see on the watch list is (OVPH)Oriana Resources Corp. because I can not follow it until it becomes l[...]
On Fool's "This Stock Could Be Bigger Than Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway"
I must say (BAM) is on my Shit list because it bought out (GTI) after many people bought into (GTI) for Graphene Revelution possibilities.I think the material has great possibilities the same guy responsible for the patent is the same that started "Graphen[...]
On What's Skousen's First “Trump Trade” -- Infrastructure Boom Stock Teased by new 1600 Alert service
In Forecasts &Strategies Skousen ads stock of the the the Year(AAPL)Apple,Inc. $119.97,1.9%yield.$40.00per share worth of cash overseas.That is fine but The Oxford Income Letter is trying to push another publication saying that the small caps gave the[...]
On What's the "Pure Carbon" teased by Resource Stock Digest Premium?
TSX Venture Exchange "Graphne Lighting PLC."(OVP.H)Orlana Resources Corp. (NEX:OVPH)Oriana Resources Corp.Shure would like to no when it goes public so I can buy some . Groundhog[...]
On "Trump's Gold" from Stansberry's Investment Advisory
I think not on (NAK) too much risk,with out real action.I did get some (SAND)SandstormGold though .Thanks Travis for that rep ort .Ihave ben watching (FNV) and (SLW)in a streamer stock,SAND fit in perfict for me .Please read threw my typing ,I only starte[...]
On Annual Review: Natural Resources, Metals & Mining
Thank you for being so open with the recommendations,i also own more silver and gold than what I probably should.I am retired and most of my investments are income oriented.Iif silver and gold goes up I will sell much of it and increase my income.I look at[...]
On "God's Gold" at less than $9 a share teased by Jim Rickards
As far as gold goes I think I will go with the po-mans streaming and royalty company (SAND)Sandstorm Gold $3.78 last I looked ,and let it turn into a Franco-Nevada.I like to hold for the the long run, in hopes of divedins and groth. Jim[...]
On The Twelve Biotechs of Christmas: One
Is the pill that Neural Stem makes the same as the pill that The Donald takes ,to possibly make him the highest IQ President that we have ever had ? Any way thank you for the info on CUR. Merry Christmas Jim[...]

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