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Putin’s Revenge/Defense of the Do.lar

Just watched Rickard’s latest ”must watch” video. As usual, it ended as a pitch for his Impact system, but with a twist. After the typical explanation of how the martial arts, and chess expert V. Putin plan 2-3 moves ahead (too many mathematical computation for 4moves?) James explains the world to come. Of note is […]

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On Microblog: Rick Rule 99,999% teaser that is hot off the press ??
It is vexing me too. I guess the only reason I went with PAAS was their website project list showed a single operation, in Bolivia which happened to have a reserve of 29.4 million oz. Based on a map shown in the video, I do believe the country is Bolivi[...]
On Microblog: Rick Rule 99,999% teaser that is hot off the press ??
Mining.com had a 2015 interview that I found that leads me to think the Goldfield you can see from Space is Marianna Resources. They found a rich gold deposit in Turkey (just south of the Black Sea as we were told) AND they have a. 70% partner--Lidya, whi[...]
On Microblog: Rick Rule 99,999% teaser that is hot off the press ??
Me again. Based on company profiles, the Tier 1 Trifecta is either Platinum Metals Group (similar Pt/Pd deposit in the Bushveld and with JOGMEC as a partner) or Ivanhoe Mines as they report the copper discovery in theDRC and the Chinese partner. Right no[...]
On Microblog: Rick Rule 99,999% teaser that is hot off the press ??
I believe the Kenyan Blue Whale is TULLOW OIL based on Google research. I have never Frosty, but he is obviously a man of my own heart. This is more fun than shelling out $2995.[...]
On Microblog: Super Capacitors/Graphene
In your original posting, you made mention of graphene super capacitors. A very good area to research as, unlike more typical supercapacitors that take a bit of time to charge but discharge in a flash, graphene SC's can charge quicker and discharge slower[...]
On Microblog: Putin's Revenge/Defense of the Do.lar
Thanks, I will check it out![...]
On Microblog: Super Capacitors/Graphene
Might I suggest that you check out the Graphene-info newsletter found at graphene-info.com? It is a true font of information covering all of the latest developments and uses for the material. It is NOT an investment newsletter, it is completely free and [...]
On Agora's 11-second "not safe for work" video... "How You’ll Have Dinner with Shakespeare… Speak Any Language… Know Everything… And Live Forever!"
Let me toss one additional company into the mix, VIRTUIX. They just completed a second round of funding via SEEDINVEST and have a unique take on the VR market. Their system is based on a stand that allows a game player to run, walk, jump, crawl whatever i[...]
On Jim Rickards, Saudi Arabia, and the "Great Currency Shock of 2016"
TUR is indeed the put option offered. Suggestion was to purchase the Aug 30 strike at a price no higher than $4.40. When the market opened, the price was $3.50 but the $32 strike--with 4,500 contracts already outstanding--was $4.00 so I bought those, fig[...]
On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron — Graphene to the Forefront
Mr. Martin, You cover of Graphene Labs and it's work is simply outstanding. Prior to retiring 2 years ago, I headed an "over the horizon" , " black swan" , what ever you want to call it team of Information Officers that researched future technology wit[...]

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